Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Elder Scrolls Online: New DLCs, Update 12, and the Halloween event

The new DLC for ESO was next on my list of games to play and originally I was supposed to just get in there and play the DLC, then get out again. Instead I played it for a month :P

When I started playing I did everything but the DLC. Did a bunch of dailies and some dungeons with people, but most of all I tried to complete the PvE elements in Cyrodiil (the PvP area). And I did basically everything there. I only have a couple of delves left, but I'll get them at some other time. Something else I did was that while I was in Cyro anyway I decided to check out the Imperial City DLC. Because my goal was to do the PvE, I had chosen a campaign with low population, it was also the middle of the night on a weekday, which helped. Imperial City is like a group based public dungeon with PvP elements. Mayhem. Two ordinary group dungeons also came along with the DLC and I haven't checked those out yet. I picked up the quest for the public dungeon part and went exploring. The mobs in there were no problem, but then came the first boss of the quest, and while I did manage to get the boss's health down a bit, it was way too hard to do alone (at least on my current build - maybe when I get my new one I can manage alone?) So I moved on from the Imperial City for a while.

While I was busy with Cyro, Update 12 came around. Major update, which changed the game from the base up. Where before you could only see people from your own alliance in the world (except in the PvP zone ofc), you can now interact with everybody from every alliance everywhere and anywhere in the world. Which suddenly made the world a lot livelier! Not that ESO was dying before, but the zones are so friggin big that you don't run across so many people randomly in the world, but then you come to a city and there are people everywhere. Absolutely everywhere, even before the Update - so you can imagine the chaos when the Update came around and the amount of people tripled! xD Another thing they did in Update 12 was to introduce duelling, which I watched a lot of, but didn't participate. I didn't join in on the action, mostly because I've been working on a new build and most of that "working on" is "waiting for my character to research enough traits so that I can craft the armour I want". Because I didn't have the build I wanted, I also didn't do as much damage as a lot of the others, and I don't want to duel at all until I think I have any chance of winning :P (I don't think I will, but I want the chance). They also made all the world bosses into actual group events, where you have very little chance to manage them alone. (I did all of them solo before and as I've said my build isn't the best).
Another major change with the Update was that they completely revamped the adventure zone Craglorn, and made the main quest line there solo-able. So as soon as I got online after the Update I started working on completing the main quest there, which I did - for the first time since Craglorn launched in 2014. With the Update, Craglorn came alive again and suddenly there was no trouble at all finding people for the daily quest lines there. For a while there I was busy completing the Craglorn zone.

Then came ESO's first ever event! The Witches' Festival came around while I was busy in Craglorn, and this event sent me farming for the first time ever in the two years I've played this game. Basically you did this little quest for the witch, which gave you the ability to summon her cauldron and drink from it. This turned your toon into a skeleton with some buffs. And then all you had to do was kill bosses; world bosses, anchor bosses, public dungeon bosses, group dungeon bosses, delve bosses... Any boss! When you killed bosses you had a chance of finding a Plunder Skull, which you could open in the hopes of getting parts of the new Hollowjack crafting motif, collectables or spooky recipes. This event would be around until November 1st, which meant there was a time limit to get all the stuff and all the new achievements. So I dedicated myself to this. After a few delves I spent most of my time going through all the anchors and then all the public dungeons, which meant I finally went through the public dungeons in Orsinium DLC that I didn't do before. The Dwemer one was really cool! I finished the event on Sunday, after having collected over 40 skulls on Saturday alone. All in all I think I collected 110 skulls.

After I finished the event I decided to focus on the new DLC; Dark Brotherhood. I had picked it up and started it before back when it was released in early June, but I didn't start playing it until now. If there is one thing I've learned from other ES games, it's that when you play the Dark Brotherhood quest line - get ready for betrayal. The DLC takes place on the Gold Coast, an area of Cyrodiil which was previously in Oblivion. I enjoyed coming back to Anvil and Kvatch. The story of the Dark Brotherhood mostly evolves around the fact that someone has been killing members of the family, and we know that this murderer (a murderer of murderers, lol) is somehow connected to the Order of the Hour; worshippers of Akatosh. The investigation takes me back and forth between Kvatch and Anvil and also on a trip to Black Marsh. The DLC ended with an awesome boss battle and with my character becoming a member of the Black Hand. This was honestly the best DLC yet. I loved Thieves Guild while I was playing it, but holy hell this was a lot better. The zone had a few quests as well, that weren't part of the Dark Brotherhood quest line. They were all a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to re-encounter Crafty Lerisa from the Daggerfall Covenant zones, Raynor Vanos and his sister from the Ebonheart Pact zones, and Captain Jimila fromt he Aldmeri Dominion zones. But also, and they are my favourites, Naryu Virian from EP and Razum-dar from AD. When I ran into Raz I couldn't stop smiling. He's my favourite character in the whole game :3 Naryu is number two. Favourite side quest of this zone was no doubt the last one: The Sweetroll Killer, which included a lot of investigation, puzzles, and choice-and-consequence.

There was another DLC released: Shadows of the Hist. But this DLC only consisted of two new group dungeons and group dungeons are rarely on the top of my to-do list in ESO. Some other time.

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