Thursday, 24 March 2011

Call of Cthulhu RPG #4 - beginning

So we started the new adventure last week and since about half of the characters died last time we had to make new ones. Right now we are four but a fifth one will be added to the story this week. So this time we have Sophie Manson (the priest's daughter and a professional thief, flapper), California Smith (archeaologist and scholar), Frank Castle (private detective) and Alistair Carling (the psychiatrist who got his hand blown up last time).

So it all starts off with Carling moving from Boston to New York and there finding Sophie, whom we tells of her father's death. When he is at her flat telling her the sad news California Smith knocks on the door. Sophie has helped her steal old stuff before and knows she's a fast talker and Smith wants her along with her. Smith tells Sophie that one of her colleagues, Arthur Cornthwaithe, has gone missing and that she's going to go out to his house to check on him and convince him to come back because she doesn't want to take on his classes. Sophie who had almost no reaction to the news of her father's death agrees to come along and Carling who doesn't want to leave Sophie alone tags along as well.

Arthur is disgustingly rich and interested in the native people of southern Africa. It's a long ride to his house from New York and we stop by a small village on the way where we eat and fill up the car. We arrive at the estate, which is surrounded by a fence and Sophie picks the lock of the big gates and we drive through without closing them again. The garden is completely overgrown and not taken care of. Smith knocks on the door and a detective named Castle opens the door and tells us that Arthur has disappeard and has been gone for several weeks. Apparantly he disappeard after he took some time off to travel. Smith insists on entering and pick up his notes for his classes and the rest of us enters too. There's an open book on the table of the study. "The people the djungle swallowed". The book is in a bad shape and it seems to describe a tribe in Africa. Smith takes the book but finds no notes. We walk around the house and find a library. At that time we get a feeling that the house is watching us, the angles seem to be off and the house seems to squeak and creak more than what would be normal. Smith and Castle enter the library and Sophie sneaks away upstairs and enters the first room which is the master bedroom. Expensive furniture, expensive decoration. Messy. Shotgun bullets with the powder outside of them lined up on a table. Crystallic powder in windows and the door. A golden cigar box and a tie-pin imbedded with diamonds disappears into her bag while Castle is screaming for her to get back downstairs and pulls out his gun. Sophie comes back downstairs seemingly disappointed and as if nothing has happened. Castle drives us out of the house and when we drive off we close the gates behind us. We decide to go to the local attorneys' office to find out if Castle really was sent by them.

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