Monday, 28 March 2011

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My head is spinning from all the excitement. Three of my favourite things are now keeping me on the edge of my seat wishing for time to move faster so I can finally see it. One of them has already started to happen and I've been jumping up and down all day.

Okay, so the first thing is that my favourite Japanese pop group added four new members at the end of last year and for months I've been waiting in anticipation for what their new single would sound like. The addition of new members and removal of old ones has been a tradition since the group was formed in 1997, but now it hadn't happened since 2007 and the anticipation has been extremely high. Everyone I know in that fan world have been hoping for the younger, jumpier sound that made MoMusu famous to come back, but since all the members up until this point have been around or above their twenties the sound has gradually become more and more mature, until they were stuck in one sound, which really isn't something MoMusu used to be. Every single release used to bring a new sound, a new style and I really hope that's what will be coming back now that they've added four new members under the age of 15. Anyhow the PV for their new single which will be released in April sounds a lot more like this old song from 2002 than their latest single from before the 9th generation was added. Happy! ^_^ And even if you're not a big fan of the music, the videos always contain eye candy. Either in the form of extremely cute Japanese girls or in their awesome clothes.

The second thing is the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Having liked Jack Sparrow and having that page on my Facebook feed I get loads of updates and quotes and pictures and last week the second trailer for the film was revealed. The new trailer gives me the feeling the film will be far more epic than I originally thought - and that's saying quite a lot!!!

First trailer

Second trailer

At this end we've been watching the three first films all over again and everytime I see them I fall in love with Jack Sparrow all over again. Just like I did the first time I saw the first film when I was 13. See you at the premiere? ^_^

And finally the third thing is the last ever Harry Potter film coming up this summer. Having MuggleNet on my Facebook feed I get all the Harry Potter related news and last week the first deleted scene from Deathly Hallows pt.1 was revealed. Pictures from the upcoming film is slowly being released too (and removed again by WB) and just now the first poster was revealed:
It's with mixed joy and sorrow I read the line on the poster. An era of my childhood is coming to an end and what an era it's been! I was 8 when I recieved my first Potter-book and then I was hooked. A friend and I used to play pretend during school breaks and pretend that we were students at Hogwarts learning magic and dealing with weird happenstances. Both of us wrote and printed the first letter as described from our computers and posted it in eachother's post boxes in the summer when we both had turned 11. And all the time until I was 15/16 I used to play pretend this special story. It was what helped me escape from a world I (at that time) despised and run off to a world I adored. I was always special. I was always great and loved and well-liked and famous not just a depressed, ordinary, boring school girl in a far-off corner of the world. All that's left for me now (and I say that both with relief and sorrow) is to go to Wizarding World in Orlando, FL and probably to buy this friggin' thing ;) I'm the most hooked person I've ever known.

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