Thursday, 24 March 2011

Call of Cthulhu RPG #3 - ending

This post is long overdue, but since the RPG meetings have stalled a little I haven't had any motivation to blog about it. But now it got going again and here's the ending of number 3.

Cover, our explosives expert, shows up at the library. He examines the powder but doesn't understand a thing. Eneri comes back downstairs and tells us that she has recieved a call from someone who said that father Washington will be sacrificing someone in three days. Father Edward, Cover and Kruger go to the Ving Store and find out that in three days all planets will be positioned in one line and that there's much evil around at that time. Cover shows the powder but the store owner doesn't recognise it. When asked the man takes out a candle and lights it and Cover puts a little powder on the flame. The flame turns green. Cover puts a small piece of metal in the green fire and shows the result to the man who still says he doesn't recognise it. Cover mentions the cult and we are driven out of the store by gunpoint.

We go to the church where the others went. We arrive and see blod and metal from something that has exploded. In the crypt you can see that someone has been looking for what we stole. We take everything on the table and then drive to the closest telephone booth. We make a few calls and get in touch with Eneri who drove (very, very badly) herself and Carling to the hospital. The gun had exploded in Carling's hand. The university chemist Eneri had given the powder to turns out to be one of the four men from Wells' flat. We pick her up at the hospital and on our way back to the university we drive past the warehouse. Cover puts stones next to doors and windows as to be able to see if anyone's been there the next time we get there. The ordinary fire is still burning and Eneri puts some powder on it as to see if it reacts the same. She puts out the fire after it stopped being green. Cover rigs a bomb with the powder and then we drive over to Fog. We arrive at the university and discover that the chemist is dead and another man is unconscious. Edward drives off to find Fog, which he does after a while and she sleeps over at his place.

The next day Edward and Fog drive to the warehouse and start moving boxes around as to find a trap door. Success! When everyone (Cover, Eneri, Fog, Edward) is assembled we enter through the trap door. Eneri has a torchlight. The tunnel ends in a huge hall where lots of human bones are spread about. We all feel sick and it smells real bad. Then we hear the trap door close and a voice saying that he thought we'd show up earlier and a huge green fire is lit with some kind of creature inside it. The creature looks at us. Cover panics and runs back through the tunnel. Fog lies down on the floor crying. Eneri handles her panic with her camera and takes multiple pictures. Edward hugs his Bible. People are coming from behind. Fog throws powder and a granade and kills them and Cover but destroys the tunnel. Edward falls to his knees and tries to dig his way out with his bare hands, completely out of it. Fog and Eneri fights Washington and Eneri manages to push all of Washington into the green fire but loses both her hands in the process. The loss of her hands triggers all the horrors that happened to her in the past year to come back and she loses her mind. When Washington is gone the fire and the creature disappears and the hall goes completely dark. Fog is the only one sane enough to try and find another way out.

-- The End --

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