Saturday, 19 March 2011

I love Japanese CMs

Just what the title implies. While in Tokyo I saw loads of them, both as posters and as videos especially in the underground. Inside the trains they have small TV-monitors that only show news, weather forecast and CMs and lacking something else to look at I always had my eyes glued to the screen. One made me say "gorogoro" for days and I've seen the CMs for the Cats and Sound of Music performances in Tokyo too many times. But they are actually so much better than European CMs, simply because there's so much more to them.

This one is soooo cute and kind of creepy at the end

This one is just straight out mental.

This one is my favourite. 1) It's cute. 2) It gets stuck.

The CM that hade me most appalled I found at the end of my stay. A mobile phone company add and I'm still not too sure what they were trying to say with it.... But here it is:

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