Monday, 18 July 2011

Lord of the Rings inspired fantasy RPG #2

We crossed the river and on the other side there's a forest. We brought with us five bandits to get their ransom. After we got through the forest we discover a village a bit further down the road. There's a party going on in the village. Neela is once again washed up and dressed up in a dress. Lilja askes her to go down to the city with a tray full of trinkets to sell. Leithe is asked to do the same thing. Evol is sent into the city to ask the sheriff about the bandits and their ransoms. Lilja herself goes down to the village to have a look around and Runik stays to guard the wagon and the bandits.

Leithe gets robbed by a child that she can't catch. She trips and falls and loses her grip of her tray. All the children take what they want . Lilja sees this happening and grabs one child by the ear. She walks back towards the wagon with the child, but the child breaks free. Lilja returns to the village.

Neela tries to sell her things from her tray but there's music coming from inside a big crowd of people. Neela pushes her way to the front and sees acrobats and fire-eaters for the first time. She's bewitched by the sight. Later she notices that an ocarina is missing from her tray. She looks around but can't see anyone with one. A "volunteering" (obviously part of the stage crew) boy is brought up from the audience. He's thrown up into the air by one big guy and he does somersaults before landing on the shoulders of a smaller guy. When he lands an ocarina falls out of his pocket. Neela aims for him with her slingshot. He runs off the stage and behind it. Neela manages to balance the tray and push through the crowd to the other side of the stage. There are a lot of mobile homes and she can see the top of his hat sticking up in one of the windows (windows with no glass). She aims for the hat but misses and the stone goes through another glass-less window where something breaks.

In the meantime Evol has asked the sheriff and found out that the man they killed (John Little) was a very disliked farmer from the village and not a bandit. "His Merry Men" is of the same sort. The girls love him for having killed this farmer (Lilja killed him) and Lilja later finds him with two girls on his lap, one of which is feeding him pie and he's holding a pint of beer in his hand. Evol is ordered back to the wagon.

At the wagon some people from the village has been trying to lure Runik away from the wagon by having him competing in a competition with bow and arrow against the best man in the village. He refuses but they keep trying to pull him away from the wagon. Then they are scared off by robbers; wild people, coming out of the forest along with their horses. He takes cover behind the wagon and start shooting at people. He is later joined by Evol. Evol steals a horse from the wild people and races past the wagon towards the place where the people are coming from to fight them with his sword. Leithe tries to get back to the wagon to get her frying pan to fight with but trips and falls into a ditch. She's ordered back into the village by Lilja. Most of the villagers are now moving closer to the fight. Lilja is directing them into fighting formations.

In the village Neela keeps firing stones at the hat but she keeps missing her target. The boy manages to convince Neela to stop shooting. He offers to "buy" her bonbons in the village. Neela is hooked on this suggestion (an orphan, how long has it been since she last had bonbons?). The tray is left behind completely forgotten as the two make their way into the village to "buy" bonbons at the market. The boy's name is Maill. He and Neela get along well. Since the market is empty of people they can easily "shop" for different kinds of treats. Then they leave to climb a tree. They quickly get to the top of a large oak. From there they can see the entire battlefield.

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