Monday, 6 August 2012

The First Law, work, Harry Potter and Alice Cooper

Alright, so I don't really know what to do with this post. But I bet it'll turn into something... Probably something random.

Finished reading "Before They Are Hanged" by Joe Abercrombie last week and continued with the third and last book in the series: "Last Argument of Kings". I have already read half of it. The series is great. There are a lot of things happening that you did not see coming in the beginning, but he starts giving hints just before it's about to happen and in that way I start guessing what's going to happen and I get really pleased with myself for guessing the right thing :P Probably exactly the way it was intended to. I'll definately buy more of his books. I think there are two stand-alone novels he's written too.

I've had two days off this past week and I'm so very tired. Feels like I'm working full-time during my summer vacation and it's way tougher than studying full-time... How will I survive employment after graduation? xD

I went crazy today btw and pre-ordered Harry Potter Wizard's Collection...

I'm kind of sad that I will miss the Alice Cooper concert in Gothenburg this Wednesday. I work Thursday morning and I was planning on taking the train to Gothenburg and arrive in the afternoon, see his show, then take a night train back home and still be in time for work. Well, guess what. Last train from Gothenburg leaves 8.40pm and the frist train in the morning departs 5.40am and arrives 20 minutes before my work starts. No way I'd make that in time. Why no night trains? Cause it's a friggin weekday. Thanks a lot. My dad got the idea that I'd check the flights too. But a flight return ticket arriving at an appropriate hour cost over 4 times the return train ticket. Awesome. I do love Cooper, but it's not worth it. I guess I just have to wait 'til next time. And hopefully there'll be a next time. Too many old rockers are dying these days. At least I've seen him once

I can't wait 'til it's October! I want to move into my new flat! I'm so excited about it!

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