Monday, 2 July 2012

About you

All this talking to you. I don't know what I'm to do. I don't know where you stand, what's inside your head. All this thinking of you. Is that what you're doing too? You're always on my mind. I talk about you all the time. Don't waste another day. Don't waste another minute. Can't wait to see your face, just to show you how much I'm in it. So open up your heart. Help me understand. Please tell me who you are so I can show you who I am. You're just standing by. You're just wasting time. Why don't you just tell me the truth about me and you? And as the time goes by I hope you realise, if you ask me to I just might be with you. 

If I show you, get to know you. If I hold you just for today. I'm not gonna wanna let go. I'm not gonna wanna go home. Tell me you feel the same. Cause I'm for real. Are you for real? I can't help myself, it's the way I feel when you look me in the eyes like you did last night. I can't stand to hear you say goodbye, when it feels so right. Cause it feels so right just to have you standing by my side so don't let me go cause you have my soul. And I just wanted you to know. 

You said "hey, what's your name?" It took one look and now we're not the same. Yeah, you said hey and since that day you stole my heart and you're the one to blame. And that's why I smile. It's been a while since every day and everything has felt this right. And now you turned it all around and suddenly you're all I need. The reason why I smile. 

I can be tough, I can be strong. But with you it's not like that at all. There's a girl that gives a shit behind this wall, you just walk through it. And I remember all those crazy things you said, you left them running through my head. You're always there, you're everywhere, but right now I wish you were here. All those crazy things we did, didn't think about it just went with it. You're always there, you're everywhere, but right now I wish you were here. 

I like your smile. I like your vibe. I like your style. But that's not why I love you. And I like the way you're such a star, but that's not why I love you. Hey, do you feel, do you feel me? Do you feel what I feel too? Do you need, do you need me? Do you need me? You're so beautiful. But that's not why I love you. I'm not sure you know, that the reason I love you is you, being you, just you. Yeah the reason I love you is all that we've been through. And that's why I love you. 

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