Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nerdiness of June

Harry Potter. Alice Cooper. Mad Men. Call the Midwife. The First Law. Lara Croft. The Sims 2. Tokyo. Grey's Anatomy. Heroes of Might and Magic V. Music. Pokémon. Firefly. Plants vs Zombies.

Harry Potter. There hasn't been much of it this month, really. Just that one quote and everyone getting nostalgic and sad over HP-related dates from the past at the community. It's 15 years ago the first book was released in the UK, it's 5 years since the last book was released, it's 2 years ago since the first trailer for DH part 2 was released, it's a year since the last movie was released... Everyone is grasping to hold on, seemingly; "My childhood, don't leave me!!!" Then that one quote:
"No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love do live in us forever and whether it'll come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."
- JK Rowling

Alice Cooper. I may have ordered more merch (A). But come on, a magazine only about Cooper? A giant poster? I'm in! :D

Mad Men. Finally got around to seeing the end of season 5. It has been so incredibly boring. I hate how they criminalized Lane. I hate what happened to him - he was one of my favourite characters. I hate that Peggy's almost not in the series anymore. I hate how Pete's becoming more and more of an idiot, but it's quite pleasant to see that Roger is finally growing up a bit. Still hate Megan. There are only two reasons left for me to watch Mad Men and they're called Joan and Sally.

Call the Midwife. Saw a trailer for this show on TV and thought it looked interesting. So I decided to check it out. I saw the entire series in two days and I was so happy to find out that they're making a second season. Wonder if Chummy will still be in that series? I usually don't like Miranda Hart, but Chummy is the only character in the series that really grew on me. Jenny is just too ignorant and the other two... well one of them is too shy and innocent and the other one is the complete opposite. I guess I do like sister Bernadette as well. The young nun. She's kind of charming. 

The First Law. The fantasy series by Joe Abercrombie. I got sick of the final Eddings series and decided to continue with The First Law instead. I'm still completely in love with Glokta and I'm starting to really like Ferro as well. There are more things happening in the second book than the first. The first book was pretty much just a prologue. The second book seems to be a transportation for the group led by Bayaz, but things seem to be happening kind of quickly for Glokta, which is completely fine by me :P Mr. Abercrombie keeps blowing me off my feet. His writing is fantastic, although kind of rough I do love his language. I have started figuring out that I prefer fantasy with male main characters.

Lara Croft. Toni wanted us to play a game together on his Xbox 360. He started up Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and thrusted a controller into my hands :P We finished the game in two days and it was so much fun after I had figured out the controllers. 

The Sims 2. I'm in one of those phases again. I've started killing off my second generation. I just grew tired of them as I usually do with the elder sims. I'm slowly planning the future of my fourth generation that's coming along pretty nicely. This is the current family tree:
Tokyo. I had that dream about Tokyo. One of my friends from Tokyo said that she wanted to go back there, and when I said I wanted to too she mentioned summer school and now I can't get that idea out of my head. One summer. No work. In Tokyo. Seems absolutely wonderful tbh. 戻りたい。帰りたい。恋しいな東京。I even miss the big bugs...

Grey's Anatomy. We're slowly catching up on season 8. I've had the ending completely spoiled though - thank you TV trailers and Facebook. My favourite episode this far is the one with George's mother. I need to re-watch the first three seasons! 

Heroes of Might and Magic V. Yes, I think 5 is better than 3. Don't hit me. I've started playing it again every now and then. I grew tired of my Viking dwarves and so I've started playing the Necromancers again. I'm not even half as good with the Necromancers as I was with the Dwarves, but it's fun anyway :) And it's really been a while since I played with the Necromancers. They were the first ever class I played. 

Music. I've been wanting more and new music lately. So I got the idea to check out all of Toni's favourites xD It took three days. I've also fixed the discographies of Stone Sour, Twisted Sister and Crashdïet. 

Pokémon. I started a new game in Pokémon SoulSilver. Let's see if I can keep going to the Pokémon League this time.

Firefly. Showed the series to Toni who hadn't seen it. He loved it. And then I showed him the movie. I love River! "I swallowed a bug." That's probably the third time I've watched the series...

Plants vs Zombies. Toni bought it for me on his Xbox. I also played for a bit on Love's PS3... It's still an awesome game! :D

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