Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dungeons & Dragons inspired fantasy RPG #3

We're back in Gwelvin's temple. The others are there too. Lelarion tells us that a dragon tried to turn the ship over so he made the decision to teleport it away. Narampyr (the Dwarf king) is out of town and has gone to the other Dwarf Kingdom. There's a rumour running about a wedding over there (no dwarves get married out of love). There's a knock on the door. Razario, who is closest, opens it. A dwarf guard in full armour is there. He says that someone is looking for Starion. Starion leaves. While he's gone Razario asks us why we're on this trip. Starion comes back. Starion walks to the pool and the water rises to form the face of a dragon. Razario is out of there. Starion tells the dragon that Gwelvin may be dead. The dragon doesn't react. Mirion says the same thing in dragon language and the dragon turns back into water. Starion and Mirion have a telepathic conversation. We hurry after Razario. We catch up with her and the dwarf Bellur before they arrive at the market. (Lots of innuendos on Razario's and Starion's behalf) Starion travels to his library with awesome wings. The rest of us travel to the elven forest below ground. We arrive at a tavern. Ariana and Razario eats and drinks beer. Get drunk. Continue downwards. Arrive there and they're out. (Zzzzz) Thanks to some nuts they're just mildly hungover the next morning. By then they're back above ground.

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