Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nerdiness of March

Way behind on this thing. Oh well...

Harry Potter. Medieval II Total War. The Sims 2. David Eddings. Star Trek. Mad Men. ANTM. No Ordinary Family. Suugaku Joshi Gakuen. One Piece. Rayman.

Harry Potter. Yes. The meet-up and party I went to stands for most of this month's Harry Potter nerdiness :P But I have also watched this video about 4 times. Oh and I shared this picture on Facebook! Thought it was hilarious:

Medieval II Total War. I met the winning conditions as France but continued playing until all the turns were up. Pretty much all of the European map was light blue by then (light blue = my colour). I had annihilated England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Milan, Venice, Sicily, Denmark, Holy Roman Empire, Poland and Egypt. The Turks, Byzantine Empire and Hungary had one region each left when I ran out of turns. This was fun :) Will probably be a while until I play it again though. This song, however, always manages to inspire me into playing this game. 

The Sims 2. While I was playing Total War I didn't have much time playing The Sims. However since my last report on my family, I've gotten started on the fourth generation for real, most of the sims in the third generation have gotten married and all the sims in the second generation have grown old. Since last time I have gotten one vampire and two werewolves. One of my sims is married to a robot he made and they're expecting an Alien baby since the sim was taken away by Aliens. 

David Eddings. Haven't really had the time to read lately. But I finished The Treasured One and as soon as I'm done with my exams I will get started on The Crystal Gorge. What I didn't like about The Treasured One was that it was pretty much just a transportation. It was everything that happened in the first book from different point of views and ofc some things happened in this book too, but nothing very important. 

Star Trek. Haven't watched in a while now, but last time I watched it was the episode with Spock's mutiny. It's a double episode and I got tired of it about halfway through the first episode. It was pretty much the pilot with Captain Pike incorporated into the series. And because I had seen the pilot I figured out Spock's goal with his mutiny after about halfway through, and then it just wasn't interesting anymore... Will continue watching though.

Mad Men. 5th season started two weeks ago and I wasn't sure about the season premiere. It was nothing spectacular. Actually I was kind of disappointed. Last episode was better. I love how Betty is unhappy. Wonder when she'll realise she brought this upon herself... Also I'm not a fan of Megan and... WTH is up with Roger? He's acting more and more like a child thirsting for approval and appreciation.

ANTM. Also called America's Next Top Model. I have a weird fascination for the show and I have had it for years. Since I was 15 I think... I loved the last cycle: cycle 17 All-Stars where they brought back old contestants. Allison Harvard I love you. This cycle is also proving to be interesting. Cycle 18 British Invasion. Basically it's 6 newbie American girls and 6 British girls that have previously competed in BNTM. My favourites this cycle are Azmarie and Sophie. One American and one Brit. They're both incredible. 

No Ordinary Family. When I first saw the trailer for this series I wanted to see it. But then it didn't happen. Quite recently I was recommended this show by a friend so I started watching it. But it feels a little bit too Fantastic Four. I didn't like that movie. This series has its moments, but it's not that great. I miss Heroes T_T

Suugaku Joshi Gakuen. It's a dorama series starring many of the girls from Hello! Project :) The storyline isn't great. The acting isn't fantastic. I guess I'm watching it pretty much just because of the girls. But the school in the series is pretty interesting. Because it's use of math. Every disagreement is solved with math. I hate math, can't stand it, and as soon as they talk math I have no idea what they're talking about xD But on some level I find this show interesting. 

One Piece. The manga is great at the moment :D But looking through some old posters I found a One Piece one that came with a magazine I bought in Japan. Since I found it all I need now is a frame and it will end up on my wall. One Piece ftw!

Rayman. I have the old original game for both PC and for GBA. The PC-game won't work on my computer cause the computer is too new :( But I've been playing the GBA a bit again on my DS :D Love the game. Can't understand why they had to change it so much just cause computers got better :(

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