Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A few crazy days

Last Wednesday I had a slight mental breakdown over the amount of schoolwork I had to do. How did I manage this so much better in sixth form (pretty much straight A's and B's)? Now an upcoming exam is all it takes for me to get stressed out and wish I had stopped studying and gone straight to working life. How did I go from staright A's and B's to balancing on the border of failing? What the hell happened along the road?

Anyway because of my small mental breakdown I made up a plan of what I had to study to get everything done in time. So get ready.
  • Study for my resit in Japanese grammar that I had on my birthday last Friday 16th
  • Write the script for a presentation in Japanese about some part of Japanese culture. If we wanted it corrected before the presentation itself it had to be handed in before Thursday 22nd
  • Study for my resit in French composition that I had today
  • Write down all my sources for the essay I'll write this course and comment them in a way so that an outsider can understand it. To be handed in before Monday 26th
  • Write an opposition in French on a French essay so that I can finally get a grade on my dissertation. To be finished before the end of November.
  • Actually do the presentation on November 26th or December 3rd
  • Write an essay on the same subject on which I do my Japanese presentation. Essay is to be in Japanese. To be handed in not later than December 6th.
Those are the most pressing things right now. Then there'll ofc be studying for the exam on December 15th and I'll have to actually write my course essay and hand it in before December 20th. Other than that I have nothing to do. This semester is intense. 

So to relax I got this crazy idea - I was going to start watching PewdiePie's videos from the beginning, going through his playlists. The first playlist mostly contained private videos but there was two early videos. One of him playing Crysis 2 and the other one playing Black Ops. I'm not much for shooters so the fun part really started when I got started on the next playlist: Amnesia The Dark Descent Playthrough. Now I really wanna try out Amnesia again after watching the entire game. I love the steampunk theme of it :) Next playlist was Dead Space 2. Seemingly a horror shooter. I tired of watching it somewhere halfway through and went on to the next: Penumbra Overture, which was kind of fun, but not as fun as the one I'm currently working on: Penumbra Black Plague. Letting the playlists keep rolling while I study makes the studying so much more fun. If it's a very intense period in the game and I need to concentrate I pause the vid, otherwise I just pause the studying :P Thus far it has worked really well :)

My life has suddenly turned into a studying marathon and unable to play myself I watch others play xD If I manage to do all that and pass all of it, then I'll have a free Christmas and be completely free to do whatever until next semester starts on January 21st :) Fingers crossed!

I keep having urges to just quit and go do something else. But Japanese still is really fun :) I love the classes and the teachers. It's just the workload that's killing me. Japanese and I are the best of friends, French and I never really agree on anything...
I don't know why my whole world came crashing down. I just woke up in lonely town. I opened up my eyes and much to my surprise looked at this heaven that I've found. Don't need to care about tomorrow. I got no pain, I got no sorrow. I'm the last man on earth so tell me what it's worth. Am I a beggar or a king? Got no trouble, got no time. Eternity is mine. I got a whole lot of everything. I can take this town and just burn it to the ground. Smash every window that I see. I can smoke, I can drink, I can swear and I can stink. There ain't no one to bother me, no no. Don't need to care about tomorrow. I got to pain, I got no sorrow. I'm the last man on earth so tell me what it's worth. Am I a beggar or a king? Got no trouble, got no time. Eternity is mine. I got a whole lot of everything. It's all mine... There's not a single soul to talk to me, but that's ok I never liked them. I'm the last man on earth and I know what it's worth. I'm not a beggar, I'm a king! Got no troubles, got no time, and everything is fine! Cause I'm the king of everything. It's all mine... Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine...

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