Monday, 21 January 2013

Skyrim, cinema, games and drinks

Lots have happened since last time.

Monday and Tuesday were regular days for me, meaning I pretty much spent them playing Skyrim on the computer (while Toni was working). Bothers me to pieces that I've come across a bug with the Companions that seem to be unsolveable :( Anyway some time ago I started playing Skyrim at the 360 as well. At the 360 I'm a Nord warrior (on the computer I'm a Dark elf (Dunmer) mage). It's interesting comparing the different treatments my characters recieve. The dark elf is a foreigner: foreign culture, foreign language, foreign customs, foreign looks, and is treated thereafter by the Nords - which sometimes mean really bad behaviour. While the Nord is well-treated in most cities, but sometimes met with suspicion from elves, Khajiit and Argonians. Anyway I've been practicing archery with my dark elf and I've passed level 90 in Archery by now. I'm just going to level my Sneak skill as well and then I'll give the main quest a try again.

Wednesday we decided to take a trip to Stockholm. First stop was the Sci-Fi bookstore where ofc I bought myself two books (The Complete History of Jack the Ripper and The Graveyard Book), "I have never..." card game, and the two first volumes of The Walking Dead comic. Next stop was a sushi restaurant Toni knew of, before we bought the mandatory sweets bag and went to the cinema to watch The Hobbit. I'm not a fan of Lord of the Rings. I think the first movie is boring as hell, the other two are watchable, but the extremely bad main character of Frodo (who would've died within 20 minutes if it wasn't for Sam saving his ass) makes some moments in those two movies really bad. I've tried reading the first book. I really really tried. But about halfway through I wanted to puke on it, burn it and throw it in front of the train. It was so boring. We walk and walk and walk. Frodo is stupid. We walk and walk and walk. Frodo is being more stupid. We walk some more. Frodo is stupid some more. We walk even more. However I did want to see The Hobbit. And I was pleasantly surprised. So much better than Lord of the Rings, along with the safety of some characters I already knew and recognised. The song sung by the dwarves in Bilbo's house was so incredibly powerful in the cinema. And several times throughout the movie I found myself with goosebumps.

Thursday was a not so special day. Mostly staying in, watching a movie and playing games. While Friday we had a friend over and played card games: two versions of Munchkin, Zombie Dice and I have never. All great fun. This clip somehow became a legend during that night:

Saturday started out with sushi in front of the TV watching Big Bang Theory, before going to Stockholm again to watch a show by a band by some of Toni's friends. After the gig we had a great time on the train back. Then we ended up going out to a bar and having some drinks and just having fun for my last evening there.
These were our last drinks - me and two guys xD

Yesterday I pretty much spent going home. I have realised that I prefer aeroplanes rather than trains. Trains are noisy and jittery. Planes are smooth and (compared to trains) very quiet.

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