Monday, 25 February 2013

Novella: Dawn

I published this on an old no longer existing blog before. But I really like this little novella that I wrote when I was 16 (can't believe it's already that long ago!) So I'll upload it again for people to read and, hopefully, enjoy.


She paused, suddenly very aware that there was a scent of something in the air, telling her that something was going to happen and she knew she couldn’t do anything to break the way of destiny.

It was a cloudy, windy day in the early days of November. It felt like she could touch the wind when it blew between her fingers. Touch it, grab it and bring it home with her, something so highly impossible that seemed so possible. But the wind was lovely, even though its strength forced her to move forward. She couldn’t help it, she just smiled and couldn’t stop. In that minute she was undoubtedly happy. Happy enough to feel like she could do anything – and live through it.

The tensity in the air seemed to grow stronger the closer she got to the beach.

It was still dark. The wind had tempted her to go outside in her nightdress and coat, but she wasn’t cold, at least not noticeably cold. The wind was cold, but just the air itself was chilly, and the tensity thrilled her. Somewhere in her subconscious mind a voice told her that she was bordering on pneumonia, but she didn’t care, as long as she could have this time together with nature, she didn’t care what disease she pulled upon herself.

It was perfectly quiet, despite the wind’s howling. The birds hadn’t awakened yet and the dawn was very soon to start. The birds were late but this fact didn’t bother her. Perhaps they just didn’t want to fly and sing in the chilly wind? It was a perfect reason and in this she trusted.

When she reached the beach the wind seemed to calm down. The tensity was unbearable and suddenly it just bursted. A second later the sun started to rise from the horizon and the dolphins that had been hanging around the last few days began talking and jumping in the water.

She smiled softly as the sun’s first light struck her bare feet. The sun didn’t warm them, it was just the wrong season for that to happen, but it felt nice and she was happy.

The sight of the sun colouring the water red and orange was astounding and the most spectacular she’d ever seen and she wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in the whole wide world. This was her moment and she was going to keep it in her heart forever. Keep it and care for it in the deepest parts of her heart. She was never to let it go. This moment was hers.


I had a thing for dolphins back then. A little too much perhaps. But I still do love the water. And I love being barefooted.

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