Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nerdy weeks

Wow, it's been ages again! But I've been keeping busy. After my last post I've mostly continued to be nerdy.  And then ofc Toni arrived on the 24th and didn't go back home until today. Let's divide what I've been doing :)

Doctor Who. This is what I've been geeking the most about. I've finished season 4 now and I'm going to go through the specials that aired before season 5. I really liked David Tennant so I'll be really sad to see him go and get Matt Smith instead :/ But I'm told he's doing a great job as the Doctor so fingers crossed ;) While Toni was here I got him into watching the series too and we came as far as about halfway through the second season. When we visited the Sci-Fi bookstore on the 26th I also bought myself a little talking Dalek figurine :D And both me and Toni have been pressing the talking button several times a day since xD

Iron Man. Toni and I went to the cinema on the 26th to see Iron Man 3. The day before we watched Iron Man and Iron Man 2, just to catch up. If the first movie is awarded five stars then the third is awarded four and a half :P It was great :D

Skyrim / Mass Effect 3. I've been playing lots of Skyrim and Toni finished Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox. When I started up Skyrim again 1½ weeks ago my character was level 3 - now I'm level 34 xD But it was a lot of fun, and since I'm acquainted with the Mass Effect universe and Toni has played Skyrim, we both talked about our games and both of us could follow what the other one was talking about xD I so wish I didn't have to study like crazy these coming weeks so that I could continue playing :/

YouTube. Before Toni got here I was working a little with trying to start filming my gaming. I'm considering to try to set up a gaming channel on YouTube and I might do so this summer. 

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