Saturday, 1 November 2014

Introducing my characters

I finished writing my book in early October and next week it's time for me to ask for feedback from the ones who volunteered to be beta readers. In the meantime I've been using this website to make pictures of all my prominently featured characters. The representations are very "ish" - not everything I wanted for them was available.

1. Tanja (human version and vampire version)
Of mixed French and Moroccan parentage her skin is of a darker hue before she turns. Her hair is later cut short due to events and she switches between 21st century clothing and 19th century.

2. Erik (human version and vampire version)
About 110 years old. Turned in the 19th century and as a vampire keeps the style from thence.

3. Isabella (human)
The school bimbo.

4. Patrik (human version and vampire version)
Hiding his true feelings as a human he's not truly happy until after he's turned and lets himself free.

5. Rasmus (human)
Rasmus is special. The little cat on his shoulder is a hint.

6. Nemesis (undead)
About 180 years old. Her original look is that her left side is decomposing and the hair of that side has no shine. The eye is red on the left side and the mouth can't really smile there. Her right side is stunningly beautiful and elegant.

7. Sanguine (vampire)
About 490 years old. Turned in the 16th century, but spent a lot of time with the humans in the 19th century and adopted that style.

8. Elisabet (vampire)
About 420 years old. Originally from Hungary and just a little crazy.

9. Jack (vampire)
About 120 years old. Originally from England and more than a little crazy.

10. Umbra (vampire)
About 340 years old. Turned at barely 16 years of age she's one of the youngest looking vampires. But don't be fooled by her sweet appearance.

11. Caligo (vampire)
About 230 years old. Has been openly gay since the 18th century and led a difficult life and afterlife because of it.

12. Tenebrae (vampire)
About 230 years old. Bookworm.

13. Mortis (undead)
About 950 years old. Grew up amongst Vikings. His skin is supposed to be spotted, grey, and decomposing. He's also supposed to have a pair of tiny horns on his forehead.

14. Solveig (vampire)
About 750 years old. Originally from Norway. The oldest vampire in Scandinavia and the only one with purple eyes.

NaNoWriMo has started and the novel I will be trying to write this November will be the sequel to this story. Some of the characters will reappear, some more frequently than others. But my three new main characters are here:


  1. Verkar väldans intressant!
    Lycka till med NaNoWriMo!

  2. Juste, jag glömde tillägga i min kommentar att jag tycker att varje phantom har något unikt, och det är coolt! Samt att jag även tycker om Michael Crawford, hehe :P Fast har så svårt att välja favoritfantomer.. alla är ju så bra.. Men ja, nu har jag i alla fall nämnt några som jag gillar i alla fall :)

  3. I think I like Solveig's look the most. I like people with rare eye colours (and the fact that they are purple only makes it better :'D).
    But I also like the lolita. :'3
    I think your nano sounds very interesting! ^^


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