Saturday, 9 May 2015

I'm back in love with Elder Scrolls Online!

Sorry for the inactivity here, but I've been keeping very busy. Mostly with work stuff, interviews to go on, part time jobs to go to... But for the past month Elder Scrolls Online has been taking up all of my free time (again)!

When ESO became free to play on March 17th I decided to pick it up again. I played some on my old character, but I soon realised that I felt completely lost with that character, and so I decided to create a new one that will start to serve as my main.

I was seriously worried about F2P and when it was first announced I was angry. I was worried that F2P would ruin the game, that all the little 12 y/o would come rushing in and destroy the game, I was worried that the game would lose its dedicated fans and start to attract people who only play to play and not because they love the series. But I'm so happy to admit that I was wrong. It seems like F2P saved the game. It's amazing to see areas populated again, there are players everywhere and the zone chat is always busy (which wasn't the case when I stopped playing in October last year). Instead of having to wait ages for groups and help with public world bosses, there are always players who respond (though Healers still seem to be in short supply), and that was not the case in October. I'm in love with this game again!

There's something, though. I think they may have made the game easier. It's either that or I have become an impressively better player without playing the game for 5 months. I've encountered quest bosses that I had major problems with on my last character, which I know manage to kill on my first try. It's actually fun that there are so many brand new players now. I used to be the one without any clue how anything worked, now I'm the one giving advice, I'm the one helping people out in the zone chat. That's progress from my side!

It's my goal to have one max level character in each alliance. I still love Aldmeri Dominion, but I created my first new character in Ebonheart Pact, because of the nostalgia value. Running around in Morrowind and Skyrim is wonderful.

My new character is a dark elf templar dps with some support healing skills named Secchan, and she's also a vampire :)

The game has improved a lot. Battle is more alive. No bugs, no gold miners, People are nice and the game is so alive again. And there's more endgame content coming after the game has been released to console. I know that last autumn they talked about adding more single player based content for endgame, so that people would have more to do than just group based Craglorn or PvP in Cyrodiil. Based on the name of the area I'm guessing they will place it in Skyrim. And with ESO Plus they are promising a lot more content. I'm looking forward to it!

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