Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November favourites 2015

This is another idea of mine to keep the blog running - the first of each month I'll do a favourites post for the previous month! So here's everything I liked about November.

I only read two books in total in November, which is a lot less than I'd like. But my favourite out of those two is definitely Rapture by John Shirley. It's the official prequel to the Bioshock games and it was really good. Not fantastic, but good enough to be extremely memorable. 

There's been a few songs that I've had almost constantly on a loop this month: 
• All That Remains - "What if I Was Nothing"
• Avril Lavigne - "Give You What You Like"
• Berryz Koubou - "Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni"
• C-ute - "I miss you"
• Kelly Clarkson - "Heartbeat Song"
• P!nk - "Raise Your Glass"
• Stone Sour - "Zzyzx Rd."
• Tanaka Reina, Sato Masaki, Kudo Haruka - "Futsuu no Shoujo A"

The reason I've been reading so little is because I've been completely caught up in games. I started a new playthrough (with a whole bunch of mods) of Skyrim. I also started up Dragon Age 2 on a whim, and really enjoyed it until I got another whim and started a completely new playthrough of the Mass Effect games. I'm about halfway through ME2 presently. Favourite game of the month? First Mass Effect.

TV shows
I watch way too many shows to list them all, but my favourite show that I've followed this month was Downton Abbey, which makes it even more painful that it was the last season ever. And it was glorious. The Xmas special better be freakin amazing!

Other things:
It was my birthday! And my favourite physical gift was the game Until Dawn for PS4. I've watched tons of gameplay from that game, but I still think I'll enjoy playing it. I'll probably do that this weekend. Other favourite gift was my ticket to next year's Sweden Rock Festival :3

I also got a new follower for my Tumblr! I now have 17 and I feel so famous rn :P 

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