Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dealing with backlog: Magicka

I bought this game on the Steam Summer Sale in 2013. I had heard it was fun and a lot of people I knew played it so I wanted it too. Didn't play it until now though.

But no, I haven't completed it. I played for a little over 2 hours until it became painfully obvious that it was meant to play with friends. The snake boss took me over 10 minutes to defeat alone. And in the beginning of chapter 3 I just get swamped by beastmen to the point where I can't run away, and they hit me harder than I can heal myself. That said, I do want to continue playing this game, but I need a friend who's willing to join me.

On the positive side I love the graphics and the style of the game. And the humour in it is hilarious. During those two hours I laughed to myself so many times.
It's also fun that the creators of the game are Swedish, and while the characters in the game speak gibberish several Swedish words are discernible.
On the negative side I'm not at all fond of the controls. It's fairly obvious that a console controller was intended for playing it, and the game on Steam has full controller support. If I manage to hijack one of my friends for this game I may try it out with a controller. But I really prefer to use mouse+keyboard in any case.

Watching that playthrough it looks so simple, but I had a really hard time. Maybe I ought to experiment more with the spells... I will try it out more another time. Maybe alone, maybe with a friend. But I liked the game so it's definitely not over. Just for now.

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