Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fallout 4 DLCs: Contraptions, Vault-Tec, and Nuka World

Next game on my list was the last DLCs for Fallout 4. Like I said in my last Fallout post; I'm not a fan of the settlement thing, but I want the achievements.

Contraptions Workshop
This DLC had three achievements. The first one was to assign a settler to a pillory. Easily done since I already had the materials. Put it in Sanctuary and assigned Mama Murphy to it - she wasn't doing anything productive anyway. Next one was to display a weapon, an armor and a power armor on their respective racks. Easily done. Just built each rack and then put some random stuff on them. Then I had to produce 100 objects from my builders. This was the most tedious one, but it was over pretty quickly. I chose Starlight Drive-In for the builder. Then I produced 20 Teddy Bears, 20 Jangles the Moon Monkey, 20 Toy Aliens, 20 Toy Cars, and 20 Giddy-Up Buttercup. Done. Let's move on.

Vault-Tec Workshop
I originally thought this would be like any other wkorshop DLC - build a bunch of stuff. I was  looking forward a bit more to this than the other workshop DLCs. Primarily because I thought it would be like Fallout Shelter, but incorporated into Fallout 4. I was wrong, though. Vault-Tec Workshop wasn't just about building stuff, it had a complete little quest line, along with its three achis. The quest was unlocked when I listened to the radio broadcast from Vault 88. I went down there and found a half-finished Vault. They hadn't had time to finish it before the bombs fell. In the Vault I found a bunch of feral ghouls along with one ordinary ghoul - a woman who would've been Overseer if the Vault had been completed. She tasked me with doing different things. First off was to clear out the feral ghouls after it became clear to her that they were vicious towards humans. Then I was to build a settlement broadcast to make settlers come. While we waited for the settlers I was allowed to explore the rest of the would-be Vault and unlock the rest of the workshops. I explored every inch of the place and unlocked all the workshops (Ding! Achi!). Then the settlers arrived and I was tasked with equipping one of them with a vault-suit and a pip-boy (Ding! Achi!). A settler named Clem became the unfortunate victim of the Overseer for her Vault-Tec experiments.
She tasked me with everything, but I undermined every single one of her experiments by making them pleasurable for the settlers. Despite all my efforts one of the settlers had enough and left. Then in the end I convinced the Overseer to leave the Vault and make me Overseer (Ding! Achi!). But I felt bad releasing the Overseer to the Commonwealth and so I shot her, which surprisingly made the few new Vault-dwellers hostile towards me and so I had to kill them too :P Just one more empty and failed Vault.

This was the main event. I answered the radio broadcast and went to the transit terminal to Nuka-World. I disposed of a few raiders and then got on the train to Nuka-World. As soon as I entered the park the game tried to have me killed. The raiders at the park had set up some sort of trial they called the Gauntlet. Turrets, traps, rabid animals, and feral ghouls deluxe! I managed to get through after a stubborn over-usage of stimpaks. Then I was pitted against the current Overboss in a rigged battle that (with some help) I got through with a squirt gun xD So I became the new Overboss of the place and the three gangs of raiders living there.
Next job was to clear the other areas of the park from creatures and give out the new territories to the gangs. In the meantime I ran jobs for the raiders in the Commonwealth (which accidentally ended with me making a graveyard out of Goodneighbor). Then came the time to establish the groups of raiders in the Commonwealth. Since I had taken all the settlements before this became an issue of me driving my own settlers from their lands so that my new raiders could go there. After 12 jobs and 8 settlements I got the two corresponding achis and moved on with the story. The least favoured group of raiders had turned on me, and I now had to "deal with them". Meaning I had to kill them all. I did and got the power turned on for all of Nuka-World. Beautiful! And that was the quest line.
I had assigned one settlement to the group that betrayed me and so I had to go there and kill them off. Unfortunately that quest is bugged and can't be completed :( But it didn't bother me much. I had two achis left at the end of this. First one was to kill 40 Nuka-World exclusive creatures while under the effect of a Nuka-World exclusive Nuka-Cola mix. I ran around the entire world looking for DLC exclusive creatures, but since this area for some reason doesn't respawn I resorted to console commands and spawned 40 bloodworms and just killed all of them. The other one was to redeem 100,000 ticket at the Nuka-Cade. I did try to do this one honestly. I had picked up every ticket I had found in the world and even played several rounds of the arcade games in the Nuka-Cade. Still I was only at abour 11k at that point. I refused to play several hours more just to grind tickets and so I once again resorted to console commands to get all the way to 100,000.

And then that was it. Fallout 4 is 100% completed. I almost feel a little sad.

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