Sunday, 1 January 2017

December favourites 2016

Books: I read 2 books and 4 comics in December. To choose which one was best is an easy matter.

Music: This month I filled my iPod with female fronted metal.
• Amberian Dawn - "Magic Forest" & "Incubus"

• Epica - "Dancing in a Hurricane" & "Design Your Universe"

• Leaves' Eyes - "Fire in the North" & "Ragnarök"

• Sirenia - "Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear" & "Absent Without Leave"

• Indica - "Humming Bird" & Theatres Des Vampires - "Parasomnia"

Games: The only games I played in December were ESO and Skyrim SE. ESO wins.

TV shows: Out of everything I watched in December (and it was the saem shows as in November) there are only two that come close to being the best, and it's a tie between them. Westworld and X-files.

Other: Double Christmas + New Years! :D December is easily one of my favourite months due to all the festivities.

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