Thursday, 28 December 2017

Elder Scrolls Online: When your guild goes completely mad

So one of our guildies got the idea to do a madness run of a trial (12 man dungeon or raid) with lvl 15-20 characters. Originally it was supposed to be lvl 15, but crafting equipment is either lvl 14 or lvl 16, and we allowed up to lvl 20 for unintentional overshooting.

So for the past two to three weeks we've been getting a group together consisting of people who have experience running veteran trials, setting up our characters, setting a date and choosing a trial. I decided to stick to my healer role which I have the most experience doing trials as, but going as my new Warden character (playing Warden for the first time). Crafting purple (epic) lvl 16 high-end gear felt completely wrong but hilarious at the same time.

We decided today. 8pm my time. Normal Sanctum Ophidia (the toughest of the pre-DLC trials). No CP allowed.

All of us fully expected it to be extremely hard and expected us to wipe several times and mostly not even get past the first boss.

Pre-run group shot!

Not only did we get past the first boss, but we completed the run with no wipes. And with all of us being so used to the mechanics of normal trials it actually went really smoothly. Everyone knew exactly what to do and when to do it and in the end it didn't feel very different from doing an ordinary trial with our fully levelled CP characters. It was mostly just slower than usual.

Post-run group shot!

It was a lot of fun and we're already planning another run, with the same characters, but with a different trial!

A couple of guildies recorded the run and here's Nico's video:

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