Monday, 9 July 2018

Dealing with backlog: Far Cry 4

I've caught up with the Far Cry series! Only the latest game left now :D

After having played all the previous games I still maintain that Primal is my favourite. I really liked 4 though, in a way I liked it more than 3. 3 had a better villain than 4, but 4 had a way better protagonist than 3 and the story in 4 had a better flow and felt more connected to the protagonist than in 3. Also, big plus to 4 - NPCs have finally learned some traffic sense! Not once in 4 was I mowed down by NPCs I had literally just saved!

Thoughts from the top of my head:
• Throughout the whole game I kept waiting for Darpan's rescue to happen. Why didn't they even try?
• I saved Paul De Pleur, what happened to him after?
• Why isn't there more mention of Ajay's sister than a journal entry by Mohan Ghale and the shrine to her at the end? Could I at least have had some rumours?
• Please no more wingsuits or buzzers or gliders in the the next Far Cry. Pretty please?
• Please no more missions to the Himalayas T_T
• I kept waiting for Ajay and Amita to get together! C'moooooon!

Ubisoft is infamours for their collectables and Far Cry 4 was no exception. 150 propaganda posters? One hundred and fifty?! I went for 100% completion but I ended up at 99% in the end. There were two races I couldn't complete because of flying things (see above) and one weapon I didn't unlock because I couldn't be bothered to get to arena rank 10 (interestingly enough arena rank was listed as something not necessary for 100% completion - Ubisoft, you lie).

Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed Far Cry 4. It was very pretty and the story was engaging, though I was disappointed that the side quests didn't amount to more than a few radio messages from Amita. I wanted more! Especially after finding out that the guy I had run supply runs for wasn't part of the Golden Path (and obv not the Royal Army either). I wanted to find out where he came from (the notes weren't specific enough) and why they were looking around Kyrat and why he was killed and why he was sent there in the first place and what he was doing with the supplies and what was really in the supplies... And you give me nothing?!

The devs have definitely realised, though, that everyone's favourite part of Far Cry 3 was the quest to burn the weed. So this time they're doing it hardcore. Not only is there a mission to burn drugs (this time poppy fields for opium rather than marijuana fields), but we also have Yogi & Reggie who keep injecting Ajay with experimental drugs and send him on crazy high-as-a-kite missions. Actually, everyone in this game seem to be fond of giving Ajay injections.

Oh and the Shangri-La parts were really cool! I definitely see where they got the inspiration for Primal... or was it the other way around? Primal and 4 were released pretty close together ;P

I have become such a fan of Far Cry.

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