Thursday, 15 July 2010

Old fandoms

I feel like I need something new to go crazy about. Everything I've ever been nerdy about is coming to an end or is set on hold. What to do?

Harry Potter: Practically over. I mean two more films and then what? Guess I gotta go to Orlando sometime...

Heroes: The season finale of season 4 turned out to be the show finale. So it's over. Suddenly. Without warning. Only a rumour of a made for TV-movie to keep us hoping.

Code Lyoko: Was over almost as soon as my nerdiness caught me. Four seasons of great story. Properly finished, though.

Jonas Brothers: Ended about a year ago. Nowadays I only listen to Love Bug sometimes. And for some reason Nick's wailing has started to bug me.

Avril Lavigne: Ended with The Best Damn Thing. Although, if her new album puts up to the old standards I might go crazy about her again.

Hello! Project: The current line-up fails to catch my attention in the same way the Elder Club did. Without them H!P is nothing much, although fairly unique.

Pirates of the Caribbean: So long as there's love there's hope. But although there'll be a fourth film and presumably a fifth, they wont be the same. Sure Jack Sparrow makes the story but without the other two in the line-up it will feel strangely empty I think.... So that one's probably over.

Mythology: Had it's peek in 8th grade when I tried to make a family tree of the Greek gods. Proved exceedingly difficult. Since then I've had my fair share of Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Japanese and Scandinavian mythology.

Eddings: I started reading The Belgariad when I was 13 and that's when it escalated. I wanted everything he'd written. I even have that one book that's not fantasy... I try to delay the fact that after I've finished his latest series there will be no more. That will be the definite end of it. The end of an era for me.

So to sum it up. I need a new book series, a new TV-series, a new anime, a new musical artist, a new film series, a new author and a new historical thingy to be crazy and nerdy about. Any suggestions?

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  1. Um... yes, but you won't hear of it. How about if I explain the plot? (I'm of course talking about Black Jewels.) This is the first novels plot:

    Seven hundred years ago, a Blck widow witch saw an ancient prophecy come to life in her dazzling web of dreams and visions. The Queen, Dreams made flesh, Witch is coming. Three men all swear to find and serve her, two brothers and their long lost father. The brothers, Daemon and Lucivar, are lost in slavery, despite being the two strongest Blood (magic users) in the Realm of Terrielle and have had to endure centuries of torture in their waiting for Witch. The Blood in Terrielle have long ago forgotten the proper ways of the Blood, and Terrielle is now ruled in the hands of exeptionally cruel tyrant queens and a High Priestess. Daemon and Lucivar's father is Saetan, the High Lord of Hell (the Dark Realm where the dead live). He is about 50 000 years old, and have almost lost hope on the dream of Witch when the seven-year-old Jeanelle walks into his study and wants him to teach her craft.

    And there are more books than the triology.


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