Friday, 25 June 2010

Settling back

So I've been back in Sweden for about two weeks now and some stuff has happened. Normal stuff that feels weird :P The flight back home went great. It was a cloud-free sky that Saturday and everything was on time. The 12-hour flight to London I spent watching too much TV and films and watching all of Russia and Norway/Sweden from above :) and ofc sleeping about 5 hours. When I got to Heathrow things started getting a little worse though. The plane was delayed by half an hour and it had gotten cloudy. When I arrived in Copenhagen my parents were late because the bridge had been partly closed off and the speed was extra restricted. When we got home I handed out my souvenirs to everyone and after having pancakes (Yummy!) I feel asleep about 9.30pm.

The day after my grandparents came and it was as nice as usual. And on Monday Love got home from Korea :) Everything back to normal. Me and my boyfriend spending too much time at his place being geeky, playing games, discussing games and "Niichan" and I tormenting the boyfriend with Japanese pop culture \o/ On Saturday I got to meet my best friend Kajsa for the first time in 5 months and it was great :)

On Friday and Sunday I started working again and now the summer really has gotten started :) Although it's still pretty cold here... This Tuesday I started driving again. Hopefully I'll pass the test this time!

Something that hasn't been great is being back with my parents. I've felt so independent for three months and it's been so nice. Now I'm back with them telling me stuff. Especially when it comes to flats. I will hopefully move out and live with Kajsa this autumn and I honestly can't wait. But my dad keeps telling me off and wait until I have a real job etc etc. But after I talked to both "Niichan" and Kajsa I decided with their help to just ignore him. If I'm gonna do it like he says I'll be living with my parents 'til I'm 30... And there's no way I'd do that :) And I just wanna get out of this 18000 inhabitants shithole.


  1. It's exactly the same for me coming back home, you get so used to do whatever you want and nobody to tell you off. Well you jsut have to keep in mind that it's temporary. :)

    I'm sorry I missed out on last Saturday, I really wanna see you guys again! Let me know when you got time! :)

  2. Hopefully it's not that temporary. Kajsa and I have a flat in mind so we'll just have to see how it goes. If everything goes according to plan we'll move in September :)

    And I really wanna see you too! This coming week is probably impossible but next maybe ;)

  3. Here's to wishing! *salute* ;p


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