Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Call of Cthulhu RPG #4 - the end

We get a flat tyre. It takes about half an hour to fix and Castle drives by without stopping to help. Finally we arrive at the law firm and there is Castle. A somewhat bleach looking man meets up with us and asks us if we want to cooperate with Castle and explore the house to find out if Cornthwraithe is dead or alive as they have a will to consider. We find out that a sheriff Whitford have been in the house and had a quick look around. We go to visit him. He looks angry when we mention Corthwraithe's name. Smith explains the situation But the sheriff refuses to go anywhere near "the damned house". When we ask he says that he couldn't get down into the basement. At the farm "next door" there's an expensive horse missing.

We have ourselves a meal before we set out for the house again. During dinner Castle shows us a note  he found in the house. Cornthwraithe have written that something had killed his staff during the expedition and that it had followed him back. Something green in a temple. The waitress tells us that it was a rich man who built the house about 60 years ago. Both of his sons were in the Civil War. One of them died. The other came home shell shocked and killed his entire family and himself. In the 1890's Arthur Curwen's family moves there. He goes crazy and kills his family with an axe and then disappeard. Three years later and older couple moves there and they died from old age. Three years after that Cornthwraithe moved in.

We drive to the neighbour to ask about the horse. The farmer is pissed at us for disturbing him in his dinner. The horse was in the pen closest to Cornthwraithe's house. We drive back to the house and start exploring the overgrown garden. Castle says that some of the plants are from the tropics. Castle tumbles on a tree root he swears wasn't there a minute ago. We continue and Carling gets whipped by branches. Carling clears up with the axe he found in the garden and then throws the axe into the largest tree there is. A lot of water rushes out on him. The road is blocked by a fallen tree. We climb over the trunk but as it starts to get dark we return to the cars. There is absolutely no sign of animal life. We enter the house and try out the electricity. There is in some rooms. We put some beds in the library. Then we explore the kitchen. There is no water and no gas. In the kitchen is the doors to the cellar. Can't open the dooes. Not even when we remove the hinges. We check the attic instead. There is a trunk that has blown up from the inside. It's glittering inside. Inside are jungle expedition stuff. Sophie graps the machete and Carling grabs the revolver. Keep looking around the attic and Castle falls through the floor. The light goes out. Sophie lights her lighter and Carling makes a torch. Castle is in a room with no doors or windows and he's staring at a rotting corpse and a bloody axe. We've found Arthur Curwen. Castle takes a picture after he has climbed back through the floor. We exit the attic and enter the library. Put salt in doors and windows.

We all sleep very badly. There are absolutely no sounds from the garden. Should be more sounds. We rise at dawn. There's a knock on the entrance door. Castle puts salt in the door and opens it. There is a hooded man with an axe. Castle closes the door. The man tries to enter. He says his name is Stan and that he's from the local newspaper. He says he found the axe in the garden. Smith grabs the axe and we bring him to the kitchen. The doors are still closed. Stan can't open the doors. Carling gives him the crowbar. Stan gives it to Castle. Castle pries but it doesn't open. Stan takes it from him and continues to pry. The door is torn off. Down there it's dark, moist and it's dripping. We light the lamp and go downstairs. Bones from small animals all over the floor. Water damages. Earth floor. Hatch to a  coal cellar. Pokes around the coal, but there's nothing there. We exit the basement and move on to the room with trophies from Cornthwraithe's expeditions on the second floor. Castle closes the hatch to the attic. In the room there are a lot of artefacts taken directly from temples. The statues seem to glare at us accusingly. Smith absorbes herself in the history and tells Sophie to not steal anything. Sophie and Carling goes to see how Stan is doing (He went to the toilet). Castle stays with Smith. We knock on the toilet door. No answer. The door is unlocked but unable to open.. Then it clicks and opens a little. The door opens and the room is filled with water. Stan is in the middle of it. Dead. A tentacle shoots out for us. We run towards the bedroom (where there were salt in doors and windows). Castle and Smith comes along with us. The salt is no longer intact and the water enters the room. Water all over the house. Castle and Sophie jumps out through the window (second floor). Carling and Smith har hold back by the water. Smith waves the axe. More tentacles and a face appears. She jumps out through the window as soon as she's free. Castle and Sophie runs for the cars. Smith runs around the house. Carling follows Smith. The creature screamed when Carling slipped away. Castle and Sophie drive away. Sophie puts salt in the windows of the cars. They hear a crash behind them. Smith has gone temporarily crazy and crashed her car. Carling runs for it but gets shot by Smith. Sophie and Castle drive off. Come back to the village and visit the closest doctor. Sophie gets the sheriff who whiten considerably when he hears of the dead body. Smith comes into the doctor's carried by a stranger (broken leg). Castle leaves pretty soon after that.

Two weeks later Smith and Sophie drive back to the house. Sophie puts the house on fire and everything burns down and the creature screams. They drive back to New York, there Sophie sells the machete, the tie-pin and the cigar box

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