Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes and returning home

In the end we went for Indian and not teppanyaki. Our friends' neighbours had this sign on their garage. Explain the exclamation mark, please.

For our last day we wanted to do the nerdy stuff. I wanted to go to King's Cross to see what they had done for platform 9 3/4 and Love wanted to go to 221b Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes is said to live in the stories.

First we wanted to go and have lunch at a Dutch pancake place we found our very first day. However we couldn't find it again. So we walked around for ages trying to find a place to eat that was cheap and sounded good and in the end we went inside a bar. Love had a burger and I had some pasta dish that was really good. After lunch we headed to King's Cross and although I thought what they had made for platform 9 3/4 was quite dreadful, I had to take a picture ;)

Then we went to Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes museum. It was quite cool stepping off the train at Baker Street Station. Baker Street is one of the stations from the original Victorian underground called the Metropolitan line and the station was very 19th century. It was really cool! Stepping outside the first thing we see is a huge statue of Sherlock Holmes pointing us in the right direction. The museum tickets were £6 each so we decided not to go and only had a look around the souvenir shop, which was quite nice in itself. We bought a sign saying Baker Street with a small Sherlock Holmes icon in the topmost right corner :)

For dinner we went to that same pub we went to on our first night. After returning the time was about 9pm and we said goodnight and went to bed. The alarm went off at 4am. We got up, got dressed and walked to the tube station in Acton Town. Turned out we had misread the time by 30 minutes - to our advantage. We had to wait around for 25 minutes before we could go down to the platform and take the train to Victoria. At Victoria we had to run to catch the Gatwick Express and then we were on our way. We had breakfast at the airport after security and before going to our gate. Both of us slept the 1½ hours on the plane.

Got home. Got unpacked. Now everything's back to normal. It's nice going away but it feels good to be back home again :)

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