Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Tower of London

After sleeping for too long we went out around noon. Today was another well over 20 degrees day and sunny. We had decided yesterday to go to the Tower of London today and see the Crown Jewels. It was extremely hot and the air conditioning don't seem to work on any of the underground trains, thus not enough oxygen. We arrived and there was a huge crowd. Lots of people, but we decided to go anyway. The first queue seemed very long and tedious at first sight but passed through surprisingly quick. I thought it was interesting and I found myself knowing way more about the British royalties than I first thought. Love found himself with a free History lesson.

Except for the Crown Jewels we entered the Torture Chamber, which was a big disappointment. It was only one room with only three devices and then it was finished. We also entered the White Tower and saw the armoury.

After those three buildings we were quite hungry and decided to leave the Tower to find something to eat. We exited the fortress and the first thing we see is Tower Bridge and the River Thames. The blue ornaments on Tower Bridge are eyesores to me. They look hideous!

Just opposite the Tower of London we found a Japanese restaurant called Wagamama and there we had our lunch. After lunch we took the tube a few stations to Westminister. The exit to Houses of Parliament have you coming out of the underground right at the foot of Big Ben. It was pretty cool.

We crossed Westminister Bridge and arrived on the South Bank with the London Eye. From there we picked a direction and then we walked. At that direction we accidentally found Waterloo Station, the Imperial Court and a WWII Monument. We followed Kennington Lane all the way back to the Thames and then we took the tube back home from Vauxhall.

That's enough adventure for one day.

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