Wednesday, 20 April 2011

British Museum

First day in London ended up being great. It's pretty much summer here. Today it was well above 20 degrees and sunny. For our first day we decided that the British Museum would be nice so we took the tube to Russell Square and walked from there. I had never been there and after Love mentioned something about mummies I wanted to go.

Our first thought was to go through all of it, but after going through the 12th room full of decorated rocks we started to get tired of seeing all these rocks and statues and decided to fast forward to what we thought was the most interesting. Obviously the first stop fast forwarding was the mummies. That ended up being only an exhibition of the mummifying procedure and one single dried up mummy. I looked upon him and said: "I don't think this is how he pictured his afterlife." The Mummy room was also the most popular room. Extremely crowded. I ended up getting approval for my theory that all people are morbid, although maybe not everyone would agree to it. But if you go to a museum to see thousands of years old dried up dead people you have to be pretty morbid, right?

Next stop was Asia. China and Japan. To me China and Egypt are the two most original cultures in the world and then pretty much everyone copied parts of it and adopted it to be their own. I liked this part very much, especially the part with Chinese jade and those extremely intricate designs. In the Japanese section however it bothered me to pieces that they kept calling the shinto deities buddhist. I also liked the part where we walked into one room and before us is a huge stone statue originating from Easter Island (I think).

The most excited I was at the museum was to see the Rosetta stone. The stone where the same text is written in Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Babylonian. This stone helped translate the old languages thanks to the Ancient Greek and what's really great about this stone is that the text contains all of the letters from that language. It's really something. However it was hard to get a good picture since the stone was in a glass monter. Without flash you could hardly see the stone cause all the people around you was reflected in the glass and with flash you could hardly see the stone cause the flash was reflected in the glass. But I was happy to have seen it anyway.

After the museum we had fish n chips for lunch and then we just walked. I have no idea where we walked and how but around 4pm we had arrived at Oxford Circus and decided that it was time to head back. By then I know we had walked on both Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. When we got home we both showered and then took a nap for about 30 minutes. Both totally exhausted!

Tomorrow I think The Towern is up.

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  1. I must say this morning was real chilly compared to yesterday though! XD


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