Friday, 22 April 2011

[Edited] Kensington Park, Mary Poppins and shopping

Today we were going to make a park round. The guy we live with told us that if we start at Kensington Park we can go through Hyde Park, Green Park and St James's park too. So we took the tube and logically we got off at South Kensington. There we got lost for about half an hour in the scorching heat before we actually found the entrance to Kensington Park. When we found it we were so exhausted and worn out from the heat that we lay down in the grass in the shadow of a tree.

When we got up again after about 15 minutes we took the Flower Path, cause it looked nice. And smelled nice. And there were loads of squirrels, obviously used to being fed by humans and thus were very friendly and unafraid. They got up real close!

We continued to walk and found some monument. We are not really sure whom or what it's for. Then we walked further into the middle of the park where we found a huge pond filled with ducks and swans, but luckily no geese. Those birds were also very used to being fed by humans and got up real close, but without leaving the water. I kind of envied them. Water is so nice when it's so hot. I wanted to wet my feet but not even the children there were doing it so I resisted.

After getting some soft ice we took the tube to St. Paul's because I wanted to see the cathedral from Mary Poppins in person. While there we also took a detour to the Bank of London where the dad worked in Mary Poppins. Seeing the cathedral made me think a lot about this clip from the film.

Then we got back on the tube for Russell Square where we had found an okonomiyaki place on our first day. After lunch we took the tube to Oxford Circus to continue our walk along Oxford Street, where we had walked on our first day. That got me buying a new pair of shoes (Converse) and three new T-shirts from Uniqlo :) I also gave in to the sun and bought myself an after sun lotion. I got burned pretty badly...

For tomorrow we have combined tickets for Sea Life London Aquarium and London Dungeons!

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