Thursday, 25 March 2010

Two kind of ordinary but exciting days

Got the results on the tests today, the day after! They sure are quick! I got 76/100 which means I will advance to the next level of conversation course on April 5th :)

Yesterday to celebrate that the test was over we first went to a delicious meat place. I've told you about it before, the place where you cook your meat by yourself? And then some of us went to karaoke for an hour. On the train home I started talking to Caro by mail and when I had gotten home we decided that we would meet in Shibuya to have dinner and go for purikura and karaoke together :) That's when she told me that she has to go back to Germany earlier. Her mother had called her in the weekend to tell her that her grandfather was dead. She was originally only staying a month, but now she's leaving on Sunday :( When I got home from our own little party I was so tired I almost fell asleep as soon as I entered my room :P

Nothing special happened today, though. Went out for okonomiyaki for lunch, which is kind of like pancake but still so very different. You decide what ingredients you want (I chose butakimchi, which is pork and korean garlic mayonese) and then you mix the ingredients together with cabbage and egg in a bowl and then you pour it all on a pan that's in the table. You make it the form of a round pancake and when it's brown in the bottom you turn it over and let it become brown on the other side too, then you add okonomiyaki sauce, mayonese, nori (seaweed) and dried fish (which smells like pork for some reason) on top. It all tastes so delicious! After okonomiyaki we went to a store called Book Off, which is a really cheap place where you can buy both new and old stuff. I never went anywhere else but the first floor but there's supposed to be books and manga too except for CDs, DVDs and games. After asking the staff and making sure that PS2 and DS games work on European consoles I bought Rayman Raving Rabbids for DS and the first Naruto Ultimate Ninja for PS2, for a total of 720 yen xD Add to that that they had a whole area filled with old consoles and to match with it old Game Boy games, Game Boy Color games, Nintendo 64 games etc etc. Just looking at it was fun :P

It's been rainy and cold for a few days now :/ It's bad because we had originally planned on skipping school today to go to Disneyland to celebrate that the test was over, but that is kind of useless if it rains.

Oh and remember me telling you about the really strong wind in Kyoto day 2? Reportedly that came from a tornado at Kansai airport! :O


  1. When you speak to clerks and such, do you use English or Japanese?

  2. Those okonomiyaki looks delicious!

  3. Japanese, always. Once I was trying to explain something difficult so I asked if he knew English. He said he didn't so from then on I always use Japanese :P


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