Wednesday, 10 March 2010

NHK and Caro

After lunch today I, Yuki, Melanie, Chappie, Laura, Julien and Caro decided to go to Harajuku. Julien had heard that the NHK (huge Japanese TV-station) building was something you had to see, so that's where we went.
Inside was a kind of museum with old doramas but also where you could watch them record a radio show, be the centre of CGs on a real blue screen, pretend to be a news caster or watch a short 3D-film without 3D-glasses. The 3D-thingy was kind of cool. You had to tilt your head with one eye closed until the NHK-letters disappeard, then you could open both your eyes and let them start the film, but you had to keep your head in that same position all the time. Kind of neck breaking. Caro was the only one who did the news caster thingy. They asked us who wanted to try (there were a lot of Japanese people there too ofc) and she raised her hand. Then a conversation followed of who we were and where she was from. When she said Germany they said that they had the news caster things in German too so she went up and did it in German. And as a souvenir she got herself a picture of herself as a news caster :) On the way out I found this poster. I really want to see this movie. The name of the film is Elin (or probably Erin, but it's spelled the same way and pronounced the same in Japanese).
Then we all went to a huge toys department store Caro knew of called Kiddy Palace. I finally bought that calendar (a black Hello Kitty one, can you imagine?!). It was seven floors of toys, but the best part was on the top floor; a whole section full of One Piece merchandise. I really wanted to buy something but I couldn't decide so in the end I didn't buy anything :P
After that we all separated but I stayed with Caro. We went to take purikura (print club pictures) as she said that I had to try it and I really wanted to. It was a lot of fun xD
Then she and I went to eat tonkatsu and then we ended up at a manga/internet café to watch TV. She had been interviewed on the street before and she thought it would be on this episode. It wasn't, but it was fun either way :P


  1. Du ser ut som en mangafigur på det där kortet! ;p

  2. Totemo kakoina!

    Miss you :*

    ¤massa massa massa fluff verkar ha rullats mot pappret doppat i bläck och det finns ett tassavtryck¤

  3. Re Kajsa: Det märkte jag inte ens förrän du sa det :P

    Re :*: :*:*:*

  4. Purikura, saker man ska göra i Japan. check. XD


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