Sunday, 14 March 2010


On Thursday we went to Ebisu. It's a place which is quite famous for the dorama Hana Yori Dango being filmed there. Just getting there was quite an adventure.
For lunch we split up. Some of us wanted to have tempura and some wanted sushi. We decided to call later. So that was my second time at a sushi bar (I'm starting to like wasabi. It's funny how it makes your nose feel spicy rather than your tongue). After lunch Chappie and Melanie wanted to go to Ebisu. They had never been there and wanted to go there before they go home in April. So we took the train there. I texted Caro and the others who went for tempura and incidentally they had decided to go to the same place! Caro already knew the place so she found her way easily with her group but we, the sushi group, got lost before finally getting to the right place. It was the first real spring day with about 14 degrees and clear skies so it was really nice just walking around there.
We found a photo/advertising museum there and decided to go. It was kind of cool. Some pictures were a real treat and some I just didn't get what they were doing there. After the museum we decided to go get a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I found this ad there. I've wanted to get a picture of it for ages. Japanese people really do love their sakura. So this ad said: Sakura is here and then shows some sakura lattes.
It was full on Starbucks so we ended up somewhere else and I didn't get to try that sakura latte. Instead I went for a strawberry latte, which ended up tasting probably as bad as it sounds. :P

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