Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New friends and more karaoke

In March there are four major intake days to the school. First was last Monday, when I did my test, second was yesterday, third will be Monday next week and the fourth will be on Tuesday the week after that. So today two new students started our class. German Caro and Thai Gan (he had a completely unsayable name for everyone not Thai so he became Gan). I connected with Caro immediately. For some reason she seems to be into the same things like me AND she lives in Harajuku. I think I'll spend a lot of time in Harajuku this coming month (she's only staying a month :/).

After school we went out to have lunch together again. Since we were so many once again we all ended up at the Italian/Japanese mash-up all-you-can-eat buffé place again. But it was nice. They had some new stuff. And I got to eat real meat! \o/ We stayed for too long at that restaurant and were actually asked to leave by the staff xD

We all went separate ways after lunch. My plan originally was to go to Shibuya and check out the Disney store and the Hello Kitty store (and maybe the Hello Project store) again. I need to find a calendar. I didn't bring the other one since I thought it would just become a big obstacle, but I could really use one. And I want a Japanese one so I know when all their random holidays are ;) But when asked about where I was headed and I said Shibuya, they said let's go together and we ended up at some wonderful little café, at which they served delicious strawberry milk (and I also had a strawberry cake). Being able to eat strawberries all the time like this... Wonderful. In Sweden it's just during summer, but strawberries are always delicious ;P

Around 4pm we decided to leave the café. Caro had some things to do, but Yuki and Melanie had two hours to kill and Gan had nothing special to do. So I came up with the idea to go to karaoke for an hour and that Caro could fix her things after that. They all agreed so we went. It was more fun this time than last time :) Caro and I sang Morning Musume and Otsuka Ai together. Just because we both knew the songs and because we both had really bad singing voices, mine even more so since I'm still dealing with that cold. Yuki and Melanie were awesome as usual and Gan's voice was ok. But for some reason Gan and Caro were better company to bring to karaoke. They are random and I like it ;)
When our karaoke time was over we decided to split. And by then it had started to snow. SNOW! IN MARCH?! IN TOKYO?! And it's just not snowing, it's piling up! Why did I leave my boots at home? :( One thing is for sure. Tonight I'm gonna sleep in a sweater and with socks, knee high, because when I wake up tomorrow, my room's temperature is probably gonna be about 1 degree. When I get home I'm really gonna treasure that wall isolation and the radiators and the central heating system... Those things do not exist in Japan.

Another good thing happened today, though. I got my mobile :) So now I can text with all my friends and call my host mother without borrowing a friend's phone :) Yay! Anyone (I know) who wants my number can give me a shout at msn or Facebook :P


  1. I forgot to get your number! You can send it to me on facebook later ;p. I feel so bad for you to have a cold and have it cold inside too - that's the worst. Since Bostaden pay for heat here they kind of decide how warm it is, there was a period in January when it was so cold inside that my hands were constantly cold. Then it was cold at home, outside and at school - I only got to warm up at Erika's.

  2. Jobbigt, jobbigt >.<

    Men det är bra nu :) Det är inte så kallt på mornarna längre ;) Och förkylningen är nästan borta


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