Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunday and Monday

I should have written yet another post yesterday but I was so tired by the end of Kawagoe and the picture uploading thingy stopped working :/ So I decided to go to bed instead.

I had my Sunday all planned out from the beginning; shopping and lunch in Shibuya and then study all evening and night. Around 11 I took the train to Shibuya and started to go around looking into stores, going into some and look around without buying anything. I went to the huge shopping mall in Shibuya, 109, and it was, well... horrible. There were so many stores pressed together on every single one of the five floors. All the stores played different kinds of music and all the store assistants were girls wearing too much make-up, fake hair and too high heels (simply they were all kogals). It's pretty interesting to see how much make-up you can fit into one single small Japanese face, but it's also pretty scary when they're up close flashing those humongous fake eyelashes at you. And if one of them are bored you wont get rid of her, she will stand there next to you, talking ridiculously fast in Japanese, while you try to look at the clothes. So I didn't buy anything there and all the small Japanese brand shops I went into on the street simply didn't fit what I usually wear. So in the end I ended up at Zara and H&M. I spent three hours at H&M xD But it was pretty fun. From Zara I bought two T-shirts, simply because I loved the print on them. I tried a third one but the material was too seeing-through and skintight for my taste (but I still loved the print on that third one). At H&M I became a denim maniac and ended up with two pairs of shorts and a denim vest. I was looking for summer clothes, since I brought too few of those, but I also needed a pair of new (real) jeans, I couldn't find any though. I also bought new Converse. The old ones have been hanging on for two years straight soon and they are getting a little "over-used". So a pair of low, simply black Converse was something I really needed.
When it comes to fashion, Japan is pretty funny. The girl clothes are all cute, which makes it problematic for me. I don't want flowery prints, laces and hearts. I want checks, studs and skulls, which is all very easy to find in the boys department. This means that either I have to buy clothes that makes me look fourteen or I have to buy clothes that makes me look like a boy. But shoes are different. I swear no European guy would buy shoes in Japan! Let's just say that the sneakers in the girls department and the sneakers in the boys department look exactly the same. Which is great for me since all the girls sizes are too small. I just have to go for the smallest ones at the boys' and they're all good to go for me ;)

When in Shibuya something funny happened to me again. A Japanese guy confronted me speaking really good English. He said that he and his friend were filming a video for their common friend who is getting married. They wanted to have different people on the video and they asked me where I was from. Then they said that he would say: "Have you heard the news of him getting married" and I was going to answer in Swedish. Anything I liked and then they would put Japanese subs on the video. How they worked that out without asking me what I said, I have no idea :P

Today would be another study day for me. I want to study a lot of Japanese now and expand my grammar, vocabulary and kanji as much as possible. My last week I will try to read the Japanese news paper my host mother gets every morning! That probably wont go as well as I hope, since you need to know around 2000 kanji for that... But hopefully it will be better than now...

After shool I, Yuki, Melanie and Chappie went out for yakiniku, which is, simply put, fondue on a grill instead of a pan. You order your combination and then you get the raw meat. You cook the meat by yourself adding steak sauce or soy sauce or whatever you like while cooking it. And then you eat it :) It's really nice. But since it's meat it's also really expensive.

After lunch we ended up at a café for dessert. Caro had shown us a café with literally the best pain au chocolat in the world. They probably call in chocolate croissant, since the place's name is Choco Cro. We stayed there for about two hours just talking, laughing and telling jokes. Somehow we got nestled in on riddles and kept telling riddles to each other. It ended up being a really funny and cosy afternoon.


  1. Haha, so your in that dude's wedding tape..(forever?). That was nice of you :)

  2. I just thought it was funny... :P

  3. You know they probably just put something they thought were funny as subs.

  4. You know they probably just put something they thought were funny as subs.

  5. I know, but it's still funny :P


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