Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hello Project Store

After an ordinary school day the oldest guy in our class (Massimo from Italy, he's like 32) took us to a place he knew of to eat lunch. Turned out it was an all-you-can-eat-buffé for 950 yen. It was an Italian/Japanese restaurant so there was a lot of pasta and stuff but I also got to taste Japanse curry for the first time :) It also felt really nice using a fork. Felt like I hadn't used a fork for ages and actually it's been barely a week.

After lunch we all separated, Massimo to go to work, the other Italians somewhere else, the rest of my friends to Shinjuku and I went to Shibuya to finally find that Hello Project Store. I looked it up on Hello Project's official website yesterday before I went to sleep. Turned out I had walked past it several times without knowing since it was in the bottom of a department store xD Really nice the store on the floor above was a Hello Kitty store xD Anyway I bought a hell of a lot of photos and I was going to buy some merchandise too, but they didn't have what I wanted, sold out. When I was going to pay the guy behind the counter asked the girl behind the counter if she knew English, when I heard that I said that Japanese was fine and he looked relieved.
While looking for Hello Project Store and walking around in Shibuya, two Japanese girls suddenly started walking beside me and started talking to me. Right out of nowhere xD I was really baffled but I thought it was a lot of fun too :)

After Hello Project Store I went to try and buy that mobile phone I need. First store I went to I asked for advice and price etc and discussed if and where I was going to be able to buy a phone without Alien registration. Seemed like nowhere, so I took the tube home and looked around on the net for somewhere I could apply for Alien registration. I also looked in the compendium we got from the school the first day and found that you could buy a pre-paid or post-paid mobile at the school, only passport was necessary. So I'm gonna look into that tomorrow :P Hopefully that means I will have enough money for an electronic dictionary :)

This turned out not to be a very long post. So I'm gonna write about some few fun anecdotes of Japan. For example, Japanese people have a whole culture around taking a bath. I've never felt this clean in my entire life. They have one room with just a bathtub and floor next to it in it. When you take a shower (has become more popular than taking a bath since it's faster) you don't stand in the bathtub, but on the floor next to it :P There's a drain on the floor so all the water goes directly out of the room and you don't have to dry off the water afterwards.

Japanese toilets are also interesting. For instance they have both Japanese styled and western styled toilets, and even the western styled ones have been made Japanified. On the western toilets there are a whole mechanism on the side where you can choose if you want to make it into a bidé, if you want it to wash your butt and how hard you want it to do it :P The Japanese toilets are funny. You squat down over them instead of sitting. I've never used one, but one time I walked into the toilets at the tube station and they were Japanese ones. At that time I didn't know how to use them so I went somewhere else :P


  1. Omg, scary toilets. Does your ordinary cell work over there? Can I send you texts?

  2. Japp min mobil funkar här, men antagligen kommer jag få en japansk på måndag eller tisdag så du har jag ett nytt nummer :) Men det funkar att skicka till min vanliga och jag kan svara


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