Monday, 1 March 2010

Shibuya and Akihabara

Today I had my first school day. I ended up being an hour late since the train did multiple long stops. Apparantly it's very popular to kill yourself in front of the tube train so there were lots of policemen at the tube. But luckily there's some kind of note you take from the station staff and show it to the teacher and they don't complain about you being late since you have evidence for the train being late :) So that all went well. Then I did my placement test and it feels like it went really bad. There was one verb form I didn't even know what it was for and during the interview I felt really stupid. I know it's speaking I need to practice but that was just ridiculous. Anyway he asked me if I wanted to be placed in a little higher level or a little lower level and I said a little higher since I brought my school books from university and I plan on studying!

After the placement test school was over for the day and I went out to have some fun and do some sightseeing. After successfully have withdrawn some money at the post office \o/ I took the tube to Shibuya to go shopping and look for the Hello! Project store. I didn't find the store but I did find some other fun stuff. For example have you seen these sights before?

I wanted to go shopping but every store I looked into had clothes that really didn't fit my style so I ended up at H&M. But that was an incredible H&M, nothing like Sweden! Four floors. Three of them with ladies' fashion. Heaven. I bought two sweaters and a bag :P After that I found the Disney store. Well, the way it looked it was kind of hard to miss ;) Had a great time in there and I will be back.
I also went to HMV, but instead of buying all those CDs I'd like to have, like Morning Musume, Buono! and Otsuka Ai, I bought Tsuji Nozomi's two books :P I know I'm a geek. But it's been pretty fun looking through them and hopefully it won't be as much work to read them later on.At 5 I met up with Audray at school (she has afternoon classes) and her French friend. He couldn't speak much English so they spoke in French all the time and Audray translated to me. But sometimes when they didn't speak as fast I could understand pretty much everything they said and that made me kind of proud :) We went to Akihabara, the electric town, to find a new camera for Audray. She lost her bag last week with her camera, passport and house key in it. She looked around a lot and grabbed a lot of magazines, so I expect we'll be back soon ;)
After walking around for ages, we finally decided to have sushi for dinner. I had forgotten that they were French and French people eat around 8-9pm, while in Sweden we eat around 6-7pm :P But it turned out to be worth waiting for. I had my first meal at a sushi bar tonight. After copying them I figured out how it all worked and all the sushi was really good :)


  1. Looking at ur Shibuya pictures makes me so jealous.

    Seems like you're having a good time. I'm glad. :D Keep updating (or else!) XD

  2. That's a Disney-store I would wanna visit.


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