Monday, 8 March 2010


Today ended up being quite a short day. Maybe because Jennifer had left and Chappie didn't turn up. Jennifer used to be the one to drag us (willingly) around all of town. Hopefully it will be easier to stay in touch with the people even after we have separated after I get my phone. And hopefully that will happen this week.
After school today we went out for lunch and after that Ebu needed a thing for his guitar so we went to a whole block filled with guitar stores. I, Yuki and Ebu suddenly turned into music nerds, especially guitar nerds. There were incredible ones. Some shaped like angels, some with metal on the front etc etc. These two, however, were the ones to catch my eyes the most:

When we were kind of finished with the guitars, Laura wanted to go to a shop in Akihabara so we all went there. I need to go there again to buy an electronic dictionary. Found a nice one today for 31,800 yen, which isn't that expensive. It's about what my iPod costed me.

I've also managed to catch a cold, which makes everything a little less fun. Hopefully it's a three-day-thing. My throat hurt yesterday and it doesn't today so that's always a plus. If I'm lucky it will be the same way with everything else :)


  1. I like it too. I just wonder how you play it comfortably :P


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