Friday, 19 March 2010

Asakusa again and Shitamachi Museum

Yesterday for lunch we went to an Indian buffet and I'm never going there again. Not that the food wasn't good, it was. It was just that all of it was so spicy it brought tears to my eyes trying to chew it. I like spicy, but that was just a little too much :P The Indian restaurant was in Asakusa and after that we went around shwing Gan around and letting him take pictures. We went to the same places we've been to before and nothing had changed, still I managed to get a photo opportunity. In front of the temple in Asakusa there was some kind of Japanese cultural thing going on with a Japanified Chinese dragon, traditional music etc. It was kind of interesting to see and I managed to get some good photos of the dragon :)
When I got home I immediately got into a bad mood. First I had to take care of the baby (aka puppy) who had pooped on the floor. Yay... Then I got up on the second floor and found out that my room mate had done laundry so the entire drying area was taken, although I specifically said the day before that I needed to do laundry to have clothes for the weekend. Our hostmother was out so we were alone in the house for that evening and after we had managed with the clothes and the drying area I kind of made peace with her. Then she got mad at me for not asking her to eat with me for dinner. I was kind of wanting some alone-time but she didn't understand that. Then I usually take a shower around 9.30pm before I go to bed. Guess if she took the shower right around then? Ofc! So I went to bed much later and have been so very tired the entire day today. But after a night's sleep I made peace with her again and today everything is ok again :P

Today after lunch I went with the usual gang but at the same time I wasn't altogether sure I wanted to go. I wanted to buy a pair of new jeans (since a pair of the ones I brought here are broken) and prepare stuff for the weekend when I and Chappie are going to Kyoto. But I went with them anyway and ofc I wasn't disappointed. We went to Shitamachi Museum in Ueno. It was a museum of how Japanese people lived before World War II. I really liked it. Especially the second floor where they had old toys and puzzles that you were actually allowed to try and play around with. Who needs new toys when the old ones are just as good and fun now as they were back then? :D We stayed there until closing time at 4.30 and then I decided to go back to Shibuya. I managed to buy a pair of jeans I had seen the other day at Zara and I got home in time for dinner at 7. To quote Chappie: Watashi wa suggoi (I'm great). Here are some pictures from the museum: So Saturday to Monday I will be in Kyoto and I wont bring the laptop so no more updates until Tuesday or maybe Monday night. Monday is a national holiday so this time it's a long weekend, when I first heard of it I decided I wanted to go somewhere, but it wasn't until Chappie asked if I wanted to go to Kyoto that it was decided. I'll take lots of pictures and see you next week :)


  1. You know that's one of the things I miss the most about living with someone else - eating dinner with someone. At breakfast and lunch I don't care, but dinner just isn't as nice as when you eat with someone. Though, I could do without being so nervous when I cook for other people. However, having dinner by yourself should be all right when you've only known each other for a few weeks and don't usually eat dinner together at home (you're usually out at dinner time right?).

  2. We're usually not at home at the same time. But nowadays I try to eat dinner at home as much as possible, since I want to have money to do other things :P


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