Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

For lunch today we wanted to have a picnic in a park in Shinjuku. Well, that didn't turn out as well as it should. We got to Shinjuku and turned up in a small park, which was totally wrong. So we went back to the tube station to find the right one. In there Ebu found a sign pointing to a post office (he needed to go to a post office) and he was off with Chappie. The rest of us went to find the park and after a while we found it, but after walking for ages we finally found an entrance xD At the entrence we paid 200yen to get inside. By then the time was already around 3.30pm and we were all very hungry. At the resting place we (I, Yuki, Melanie, Martin and Ken who didn't go to the post office) all bought some ice cream. Then we managed to meet up with Ebu and Chappie in the middle of the park. We spent some time lying around on the grass, Ebu and Ken doing kung fu moves next to us. Then suddenly an old Japanese man turned up. Out of nowhere. He looked at me and said I was beautiful then asked us where we all came from. After some chatting with the old man we all figured he was kind of drunk, and I was a little uncomfortable after he asked me my age. Then all of a sudden he wanted to give us 10,000yen since it was tea time xD When he finally went away we couldn't stop laughing about it.
Shortly thereafter the park was about to close so we gathered our stuff and started to walk to the exit. Next to the exit we found a bunch of beautifully blooming magnolias and there was a guy who took pictures for everyone who asked him. So we asked him for a group photo in front of the magnolias.
Then some of us went home but I, Yuki, Melanie and Chappie were so hungry after not eating any lunch that we decided to eat something small before going home. So we went to McDonald's :)

On the train home there was a group of old French people trying to get to Shibuya and the Hachiko gate. I was so close to try to help them out in French, but they seemed to have a Japanese guy with them who tried to help them in English :P

Now I've caught up with what they have studied before I arrived. Hopefully I will have time for more fun stuff now :)


  1. Did he actually give you 10 000 yen?! Creepy, however. I don't like dunks.

  2. No one wanted to take it from him xD Drunks can be fun :P But sometimes it's just creepy


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