Monday, 29 March 2010

Harajuku and Sukiyaki

After lunch today I decided to go to Harajuku to find that store that I heard of. It's a store that sells old Hello! Project photos and merchandise, Gorakudoh. It also sells tickets for concerts :) However when I got there it was a huge disappointment. The area that I read was supposed to be for Hello! Project photos were all Johnny's (i.e. guys). In the ticket area I found like ten (tops!) old photos and none of them of an artist that I like :( I didn't even bother to buy tickets for the coming Morning Musume concert since I didn't get the system.

On my way back home from there I ran into two Swedish guys. It was so weird, just walking on your own at Takeshita Doori and suddenly you hear someone speaking Swedish next to you. Like what the heck?! Turned out they were on a 10 day vacation in Tokyo and asked me what you should see in Tokyo. Like if there were any famous temple or something you should visit. I didn't know what to say, all the famous temples are in Kyoto, right? That was about it. Walking back to the tube station I also found the most ridiculously tall H&M building ever.
In the evening we finally got to go to dinner with Jennifer. It was really fun. Haven't seen her for like two weeks when she went back to Hong Kong. Now she's back in Japan, but only in Tokyo for a few days before she moves to Nagoya to start university. Anyway we went to a kind of expensive restaurant called Nabezou that had meat dishes. We all decided on sukiyaki which is kind of a hot pot with meat (either beef or pork) and vegetables. There was a vegetable bar where you could choose all the vegetables you wanted. An all you can eat buffet for a little less than 2000 yen :) It was really nice and totally worth the price, but since it's so expensive I probably wont go there again... Here's a picture from outside the restaurant. It looks real cosy right? And it's spring weather here, which means the weather has gone totally crazy. It's less than 10 degrees, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes heavy rain out of nowhere and sometimes really hard wind. Could you decide, please? :P


  1. Right... Here it still snows sometimes, like yesterday.

  2. Jag skickade mitt svarsbrev igår :)

  3. Du bor för långt norrut :P Fast nu är det ungefär samma temperatur här som hemma i Skåne -.- så kallt! Fast soligt :3

    Yay! Då har jag nåt att se fram emot :)


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