Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ueno again

Friday was Korean Jeun and French Marie's last day in Japan. So we all took a class photo :)
After lunch that Friday we had no idea where we wanted to go. So we ended up strolling around in Tokyo. I was kind of bored so I took pictures upwards to entertain myself. But it ended up kind of funny:
Then we decided to go to the Imperial palace and walk around in the part of the garden that's open for the public. It was really nice. Already some sakura blooming and it was just really nice weather for a stroll in the park too. When we grew tired of the park we decided to go to Ueno. We went to the same temples I had been to before. But we also went to buy ice cream and ended up with this funny picture:
Even in Ueno some sakura was blooming. Spring is coming. In the pond we found some fish, which were actually bigger than the birds. They are apparantly very used to being fed by passers-by since, when they saw us, they all went to that same spot and tried to be the first one catching something if we ever threw something to them. Which we didn't. But it was kind of fun to watch the fish.
That evening I, Yuki and Melanie had decided to go to Round 1. It's a huge place with any game and sport you can think of. We went there and the first thing we did was to play a tennis game and then a basketball game. Then ofc we went to the kids part. A fort with balls you could shoot at each other or just throw at each other. Playing around in there is what really got me going and then I couldn't stop having fun. After the kid place we went to the relaxation room and had a massage by a chair each. Quite nice. Then it was table tennis for ten minutes, then real basketball, volleyball, minigolf, badminton, minibowling, fishing, rodeo and karaoke. We also played some games like an action game where you were supposed to hit everyone that came running towards you. We also played a racing car game :D So funny! Wanna go there again. After paying we got some free vouchers for other games. So I got to try pachinko for the first time - which was so boring. I don't understand the point :/

When we got home I was so tired I didn't even care to take a shower or brush my teeth, I just went straight to bed. But it was happy sleeping ;P

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