Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Daikanyama and Sweets Forest

We had a test today, which felt kind of stupid. It was for them. Apparantly we're going to have those every now and then to check up on past things, but I just started yesterday so I hadn't done all their things. Some answers were just guess work from what I could remember that the teachers had mentioned sometimes back in Sweden. Hopefully it went well :)

For lunch today we went to a Chinese restaurant. But according to the Chinese (generalising again) girls it was more of a Chinese/Japanese mash-up. Anyway I liked my food :) After lunch we went to Daikanyama to go shop in all the cute little stores there. I found one shop that I really liked but I didn't buy anything, mostly because I think maybe I should get a Japanese mobile or an electronic dictionary. I can't decide. And those cost a lot of money, so until I get one of those I might not be buying too much stuff :) In Daikanyama there was one shop which I almost couldn't stand to enter, the pinkness and all the kawaii was so overwhelming that I felt depressed going in there :/ Here's a picture of it. Don't know if you get the feeling but still...
After Daikanyama, Yuki and Melanie left and Julien (German boy, you remember?), Jennifer, Chappie and I went even further on the Touyoko tube line to go to a place they knew of called Sweets Forest. It was the best place ever! Totally kawaii but really great, not overwhelming like the shop :) However Sweets Forest is as big as one floor in a shopping mall, but this area is filled with cafés that sell cakes and such. We got one each and I also decided on a choco/banana smoothie, which was better than I expected. Strawberries are extremely popular in Japan, or so it seems. Every convenience store you go to they have strawberries, even on the streets they sell them and all those cakes at Sweets Forest, most of them had whole strawberries inside of them! Anyway here's a picture of what I chose to eat and the entrence to Sweets Forest :)Not much happened after that. I went back to my homestay to study and eat and I don't know what happened to the rest :P Oh and remember that I promised you a picture of my pink tube station, Sakura-shinmachi? Well, here it is, in today's morning rush (it was horrible and fun at the same time. So much people pressed together that you could hardly breathe...)

Basically, today has just been very pink ;P


  1. Honestly, I don't think you'll have any day that's not pink. XD

  2. Well, I guess it will always be more or less ;)

  3. That store is too kawaii to feel comfortable in.


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