Sunday, 24 April 2011

Camden Market, Chinatown and Buckingham Palace

We had a slow start today since the plan was to meet up with Tiffany at 2pm at Camden Town Station to have a look at the market. So we didn't go out until it was time to go meet up with her.

Camden Market was cool. Huge crowd and loads of interesting things on sale. Love got himself a pair of Batman Converse shoes :P I was too busy looking to take pictures and with all the people it would've been pretty hard stopping to take a picture and at the same time keep up with Love and Tiffany. We had lunch at one of the food stands there and continued our walk down Camden Market afterwards.

When we got tired of all the people there we took the tube to Covent Garden. Tiffany had said that she knew the best cupcake place there and ofc she had to take us ;) So she had a vanilla one, Love had a caramel one and I had a banoffee one. Banana Toffee.

After sitting down and eating cupcakes and talking about whatever she had to get going to get started on a school assignment and we walked down the street, headed for Chinatown. In Chinatown there were mostly restaurants, but we found one sweets shop where we went in and I immediately started looking for things I ate in Tokyo. Unfortunately I didn't find much except Pocky and the lovely Calpis Water. I also bought a Hello Kitty tin can with fruit drops in it. Because I liked the design and I like hard candy.

Chinatown ended up not being that big and at the end was Piccadilly Cricus. From there we picked a direction and started walking. We ended up in St. James's Park and then we found Buckingham Palace :)

Now we're going out to eat teppanyaki at a new Japanese restaurant in Ealing Broadway :)

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