Monday, 17 October 2011

Plants vs. Zombies

I watched Love play this on his computer last year I think, or maybe even in 2009... Anyway, quite recently he bought it for his PS3 and he and Will played it for a while. I gotta say it's friggin' impossible not to watch it while someone is playing it. Love pestered me for a while and wanted me to play it. But I hate the controllers for video games. I can't use them without button-mashing. However yesterday I gave it a try and went Walnut Bowling :P Turned out that it was surprisingly fun and yesterday evening I started playing the adventure and  played through four levels xD I will continue today I think. All studying is postponed! We'll see...

Gameplay. First level of the adventure.
This guy sucks at playing.

Walnut Bowling gameplay. 
This guy sucks too. I think it's the same person...

While looking for gameplay videos on YouTube to put here I found a gameplay from a Nintendo DS version. If I can find that one... My average student performance will drop really bad! Still the way this person plays the game... Wow... Just wow... It's so bad:


  1. Oooh it's dangerous to start playing addictive games in mid-term :P You should wait until you have a break or something x)

  2. In that case I would have to put my life on hold for months >.<

  3. Yep, it tends to turn out like that. Pretty much happened to me when I first discovered Minecraft :P

  4. Minecraft is a dangerous game :P


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