Monday, 7 November 2011

Dungeons & Dragons inspired fantasy RPG #2

It's been ages since last time, I know. Life kind of got in the way for at least one of us all the time. But we did manage to get together on October 29th (I know I'm lazy with the RPG blogging) the same day I had my phonetics exam. Great way to end a day, although because I got up at 7am I was tired to death around 11pm so we had to quit early :/ Anyway, if you don't remember (I know none of us did without reading old notes first) here's how it all began and where we were when this meeting started.

Ariana Stumbles the first scaly man that comes running. It doesn't really have any effect. But in that moment the entire place shakes as if from a huge earthquake and everyone lose their balance. We feel some kind of shockwave from behind - the direction from which we came.

Mirion has with the help of his Invisibility Cloak been able to move from the tunnel in which Gapy and Ariana are to the tunnel with the archers. He kills the archers then deactivates his Cloak. More scaly men comes running and Mirion recieves a cut on his arm which almost cuts his arm off. Starion heals him. Gapy hits the first one coming at him, he gets hit and falls down unconscious. Ariana tries to push him aside to be able to get past him. Starion borrows Mirion's Cloak and sneaks off into the hall beyond the tunnels. He conjures a huge Grave of Thorns which kills most of the scaly men, but when he conjures the spell another spell goes off and give each of us 15 HP damage. Gapy dies. Mirion, Ariana and Barrskägg are unconsiouc. Starion pretends to be unconscious (he's got some kind of magician in his mind that at this point tells him what to do. Starion's magic Protection saved his life.) The magician in his mind healed us and put a spell on us so we'd look dead, because now there's a person walking among us and making sure we're really dead. After this Starion's shizo-friend magician disappears (something with an old debt being repayed). We find a glass coffin or chest (blackened glass) that can't be opened by magic. At the glass there are loads of demon faces. The floor around and under the chest seems to contain loads of iron ore. Starion can't feel any kind of consciousness coming from the chest. Mirion's Perception gives us nothing. We try to destroy the ches with the weapons of the scaly men. Not even a scratch. Mirion conjures a sylph to get the rocks away from the landslide. Starion squeezes through to the outside and swims back to the surface. There is no ship. Starion flies around looking for a ship and finds none. He is discovered by a water dragon that agrees to help us in exchange for the chest. The dragon digs us out and takes the chest to his mistress. We get dropped off at the coast of Narania, because we still couldn't find the ship.

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