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Dungeons & Dragons inspired fantasy RPG #1

I've been trying for ages to come up with a blog post for this RPG that actually works. But this RPG has been ongoing for almost 3 years and I've only been part of it for almost a year, so there's a lot of background story that I find out on the go. So as to avoid all unnecessary parenthesises I waited until a good spot came along, and now it did. I wanted to make a new character and a new guy wanted to join the RPG so we made a skip in the story to five years in the future. From this skip I'll start blogging :)

Right now we are one female high elf named Ariana (that's me), one male dark elf named Mirion, three people from an apparantly extinct (but very alive to me) race of people; one female named Razario and two males named Gapy and Starion and finally an "ordinary" person (well he's a hermit) named Needle Beard (translated from Swedish: Barrskägg. The needles from pine trees). Also there are the elves Lelarion and Herald.

Before the RPG starts this evening. Mirion and Starion have been in a coast city called Valgovana to find Razario (related to an older no longer used character of the RPG. She has no idea ofc). Razario is one of the few left of Starion's people so he wants contact. She makes her living as a whore and she's very, very paranoid. However stuff happens in the city which forces them to run from it and while on the run a man called Santiago contacts them mentally. Santiago is a very small magical person who lives in an ent :P Santiago tells them that there are three people in his house (in the tree tops of the ent) that all would benefit from co-operating.

Ariana, Barrskägg and Gapy are all in Santiago's living room. Barrskägg is playing chess against his squirrel (who lives in his beard) and Ariana is inspecting Santiago's bookshelves. The books are all in elvish and written by himself. They all contain very advanced information on herbs and plants. A magical door appears out of nowhere and out steps Razario with a knife at the ready. Starion makes an epic entrance with magical light etc to appear as a master magician, and then Mirion walks out of the door as if nothing has happened. Santiago invites us for dinner and asks us to all sit down at the table. Everyone do so except for Mirion who leaves to visit his sister (Something has happened to her and now she lives in a room there. She can't speak. That's pretty much all I know of that back story). The rest of us notices that there are only fruits and vegetables on the dinner table, no meat whatsoever. After that it's good night.

During the night Starion notices that we are being watched by an undead. In the morning we arrive at the swamp close to the Doors of Might and we exit the ent. We greet Barrskägg's silver cats (two in the size of wolves and one in the size of a horse). A marketplace further away. We get there. There is a camp for people. There are also knights with pipes on their backs (the number of pipes tells how many magic schools the person knows and the colour of the pipe tells which one. They are from a cult called the Light of the Elementar). Since the Doors of Might is a dwarven city it's also a dwarven marketplace. Gapy notices that what the knights with pipes are offered to buy is crap. Starion is being watched by a knight with one pipe that see-through (no one has seen that before). Black armour and the visor down. Starion asks Gapy to keep an eye on the one-pipe. We discover that Razario has disappeared after we have entered the Doors of Might. Starion leaves the find Razario. The rest of us continue on to the dwarven king. Thanks to Mirion (he's a prince btw) are we allowed to enter past the guards. They talk about Gwelvin (a dwarf Mirion has gotten a telepathic cry for help from). Mirion, Ariana and Starion go to Gwelvin's study/temple to check out his recipes in alchemy for an elixir that can give you the ability to breathe under water for 24 hours. Lelarion is there. He seems worried and tells us that something's happening. We can feel magic in the air, sticky and unfriendly. Mirion tries Scatter but fails. None of us know what kind of magic it is. Ariana uses perfect True Sight and catches a glimpse of a small creature (about 1 m) with black robes and green skin that disappears. The description fits someone Starion has seen before. Mirion senses a new magic from the notes. Uses Scatter and their appearance changes. Ariana and Mirion sits down to brew loads of elixirs. It still feels weird to be there. It feels like the magic has a mind of its own. Around midnight Starion comes back with a very beautiful woman whose name is Adia and archmage. The creature Ariana saw is a hobgoblin that's a necromancer. We make sure there are guards around the clock outside the room and that they are changed every second hour.

After breakfast we leave again. We're going out to sea. Barrskägg is opposed to this at first but then agrees. We are going to save Gwelvin (he's a dwarf that likes water). We go through a magic door and arrive at a small island with only a dock and a small boat. Lelarion calls for the White Swan. There's a blinding light and then there a ship. The figurehead is a swan's head. We climb aboard. After some time we arrive at a place that Mirion sense is the right one. In the middle of the sea. Ariana makes Night Vision on herself, Barrskägg and Gapy. We see a city at the bottom . We swim toward it. Only ruins. We sense the same kind of magic that we sensed in Gwelvin's room. We enter the temple of the ruins. Mirion's Perception doesn't work. Ariana buffs the others beforehand and then we go through the magic field. Everything except Iron Skin wears off. Ariana puts on Night Vision again on them, but nothing else. We continue down. Mirion uses Perception again to find Gwelvin and feels his presence but no direction. We choose right in the crossroad. There's a symbol for demon worshipping. Rare demons. They manifest as tornados, usually in deserts. Ariana uses True Sight and sees a hidden tunnel where a scaly creature stands with a two-handed spear. Puts True Sight on Mirion who activates his invisibility cloak to go check. There's not only one bu several. Mirion sneaks inside and kills one and decontaminates one. Gapy steps forward and immediately can't breathe. He's injured by the creature and fails himself to stab it. Ariana tries to use Breathe Underwater but is stopped by magic. Barrskägg uses Scatter and makes the magic disappear. Gapy can breathe again. Mirion activates his cloak to sneak past the last one. Starion recieve an arrow in his back but isn't injured. Ariana puts True Sight on Starion. Starion and Barrskägg see a man (like the ones in the tunnel) with a bow and arrow exit from a tunnel further down. Ariana puts Iron Skin on Barrskägg. We can't sense when magic is being conjured in that field. Ariana moves to the tunnel Gapy is in to put Stumble on the men coming from the other side. Gapy is by now injured pretty badly.

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