Sunday, 26 June 2011


[SPOILERS AHEAD!] (Unless you've seen all four seasons of the series...)

I'm having a trip down memorylane - again. This time asked Love to finish Heroes and after much nagging he agreed, although he knew it would all end in a huge cliffhanger. I have all the boxes. All the four seasons. And now when I'm re-watching it again I remember how I used to follow the series and sitting on edge waiting for a new episode. But seriously, do you remember how great it used to be?

A lot of unfair and unfortunate things happened to the greatness of Heroes. After the first season there was the writers' strike in Hollywood and second season was cut in half, which made it a very bad season. But oh, how I loved when HRG was killed. Why, oh, why did they have to save him?

Third season started out with a very interesting plot, turning all the characters upsidedown. Suddenly you no longer knew who was good and who was bad. But it was slow. It was an interesting plot, but it was a slow realisation of the plot, people got bored and the series lost viewers. Season three is also divided into 2 volumes; Villains and Fugitives. Villains was real slow and not until halfway in on Fugitives did the plot kickstart again. I love the re-introduction of Micah in the form of Rebel. On the other hand I hate the whole Niki/Tracy-thing. I always get nervous at the final episode of the third season. The killing of Nathan. Sylar has always been my favourite character, he seems to be the only character of the series that has a real depth. Third season is very much about Sylar and I love that.

Fourth season. Wow. I was very sceptical to the whole carnival thing with Samuel to begin with. But Samuel turned out to be way more smug and cunning than I originally thought and he made the fourth season so very interesting. I hate Emma. In this season I love the growth of Hiro and I continuously love Sylar. I love the re-introduction of Charlie and I wished so much that they would've brough West back in after Claire mentions him. The amount of viewers upped again after the fourth season, but that was at the same time as the economic crisis and thus the series was cancelled. 

Heroes has had a hard time all on all. First the writers' strike and then the economic crisis. I wish they'd at least end it like they did Firefly, with a made-for-TV movie that answers loads of questions. It would give a greater sense of finality than that stupid cliffhanger-ending we have on our hands right now :/


  1. The first season still gives me tingles. Heroes was freakin' awesome and the saddest thing is that the 4th season was absolutely brilliant. Even if they would do a TV movie now, the series ended so long time ago, I don't think many would bother to watch it. I think their biggest problem was that they tried to reboot the show so many times instead of developing the characters and properly introduce new ones and not forget old ones.

  2. The movie for Firelfy came three years after the series ended and that became the big boost for the series. Before that Firefly had been an obscure nerd-thing, with the movie it became mainstream :P

    The 4th season really is brilliant. 3rd season has a brilliant plot, they were just so slow with realising it :/

  3. Ok, didn't know that. Well, let's hope for the best. :)

    Yeah I agree, the 3rd season could've been great. All in all ending the show was a great waste of an incredible story idea, but I guess everything good has to come to an end.

  4. There's still hope for a movie I think :)

    And that's so profound O.o


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