Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Game of Thrones

[SPOILERS AHEAD!] (Don't say I didn't warn you)

Just watched the last episode of the first season of Game of Thrones. It's amazing! I haven't read the books, but according to Love I could just skip reading the first book of the series and go directly to the second. That's how precisely they follow the story. But this is perfect. I wanted a new series to be crazy about since Heroes ended (boohoo :'( ) and I love this! The political intrigues, the detailed characters, the constant backstabbing + the supernatural element. It's perfect.

I actually didn't think they would kill Eddard Stark, since Sean Bean was the only known name and drawing card of the series. I didn't think they would kill off Drogo and Daenerys's son either. I thought they would mix up with the already existing war in King's Landing and make it a quick one :P But Deanerys is the Dragon. She can walk through fire. "Fire cannot kill the Dragon". And now she has three baby dragons. Next season's gonna be awesome!

I hope Sansa will do something next season. She seems to be starting up her own rebellion against Joffrey, thinking of pushing him over the edge. A kind of subtle rebellion, but I do hope she will get her own fierceness later on. I wonder what will happen to Arya. She seems to be able to handle herself. Now she's disguised as a boy and it seems like she's leaving King's Landing for the Wall. But what will be at the Wall? The Night's Watch including Snow has rode off beyond the Wall to look for wildlings and white walkers. Will they survive unlike everyone else who has ventured beyond the Wall since the series started? I want to think that Snow is one of the main characters and they can't kill him, but Game of Thrones doesn't seem to follow the common rules of not killing the main characters. I honestly can't say if Snow will make it out alive. Too bad. I like Snow.

And then there's Robb and Tyrion. Hopefully Robb will win his own war, avenge his father, save his sisters and kill the king :) That's what I want to happen anyway, but if that happened next season there wouldn't be much left so that's probably not gonna happen :P Tyrion has slowly become one of my favourites. Hopefully he will be able to spank some sense into Joffrey as the King's Hand. But I rather doubt it...

I just want the incest relationship between the Queen and her brother to be revealed, in the wake of that revelation it will become obvious that Joffrey isn't really a Barathian and he will lose his crown :)

Daenerys is by far my favourite character. She has grown enourmusly since the beginning of the series and now she's a wicked woman that can walk through fire =D

Season finale. Final scene. Daenerys. Do I need say more?


  1. My friend is crazy about this series! I'm not too convinced myself though. :P

  2. Dunno, seems too LOTR-medieval-King Arthur for me. :P

  3. Have you actually watched it? xD It couldn't be further from LotR. It may have some arthurian... But I think that's only because there are some knights and once a tournament.

    have you seen the pick-up line for the series? "When you play the game of thrones you win or you die." Everything is a political game. Everyone does everything for their own winning. It's intriguing. You know the part of Heroes when everyone and everything were morally gray? It's kind of like that all the time.


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