Friday, 17 June 2011

Stephen Lynch

Just got home from an awesome concert with Stephen Lynch! It was great to see him again after 3 years (already, that long!) and he announced that he was going to go into the studio after he got back from his tour! Yay, new album! =D

He started off with a few new songs like Lorelai, Dick Like Me, Tennessee and Queer Tattoo (all great), many of the old classics he played this time weren't the same as last time. For example he played Little Tiny Moustache, Beelz, Special, D&D, Priest and Superhero. I guess now that he's working on a new album the songs from his last albums also are classics by now. From that album he only played Dear Diary and A History Lesson.

The 2 hours were great and spent constantly laughing and actually had me bent over with laughter at one point. I never thought Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" could be hilarious. I never thought the Swedish language could be that hilarious. Apparantly he had been in Luleå the night before. Try saying Luleå with an American accent! xD Or kyckling for that matter... I never thought the films "40 year old virgin" and "Good Will Hunting" could be that funny.

All in all it was well worth the money spent. But except for playing four of my favourites (Little Tiny Moustache, Beelz, D&D and A History Lesson) I missed a few songs so here's some shamless advertising :P
It's a horrible song, but I think it's cosy... 
I enjoy listening to it.

What if that Guy from Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?
I love this only because it's hilarious and never gets boring...

Craig Christ
Because... Since when is it boring to joke about religion?

There are so many more... Like Grandfather, Baby, Vanilla Ice Cream, Halloween, Talk to Me, America, Hallelujah, Down to the Old Pub Instead... He never gets boring! If you haven't heard of him or listened to his music I suggest that now is a great time to start!


  1. Wait....this was a concert right? How could you miss stuff because of ads...?

  2. Yup this was a concert. But there were a few songs that I would've liked him to play that he didn't. So I'm the one doing the advertising for those songs in this post


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